All about Health: Different option to deal with Kidney Stone Treatments

Also referred to as a renal stone, a kidney stone is a crystallized mass which occurs as a result of the existence of a surplus of Calcium in urine. It can take weeks or even years to form the mass. As the stone increases in size, it can start to get wedged in the urethra and thus inhibiting the expulsion of urine from the urinary system. Stones do vary in size but in most instances they are too small such that there are rarely noticed by hosts. However, when they start becoming large, they can be painful and agonizing; this could result in a couple of tract infections and the worst of all- kidney disease.

It is important to find the right kidney stone treatments; the kind of treatments that will work and work fast for that matter.

Conventional treatment options:

Diets and lifestyle change routines would be prescribed by many doctors out there. These changes are simply intended to suppress the severity of kidney stones but rarely deal with them completely. Depending on the kind of kidney stones that are causing your discomfort, the doctors can advice that you take less or more portions of some foods. If you have suffered from the uric stones before, a low proteins diet would be recommended; patients with calcium stones history would be advised to lower their intake of salt. In all of these instances, keeping hydrated is very vital.


There are medicines which are used as kidney stone treatments. They range from painkillers to strong drugs which significantly dissolve the kidney stones. Doctors say that smaller stones can be dissolve naturally; however, passing them would be quite painful. Alpha-blockers are prescribed for moderate size stones, while for the case of recurring stones, the doctor will know the best medicine that can help you to combat them.

Surgical kidney stone treatments:

This is normally the last resort, not just in the treatment of kidney stones but many other types of diseases as well. Surgery can be very risky but still recommended in cases where the stones are too large and therefore they cannot be dissolved.

Even with all these types of treatments being available for you to adopt, you will still have to experience some pains for a couple of days before the stones pass. Kidney stones are very painful and suffering them can be quite agonizing. With the many horror stories being told around the world with regards to passing stones, you simply have to seek treatment for kidney stones as fast as possible.

Excerpt from: All about Health: Different option to deal with Kidney Stone Treatments