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I got this exact pair of pinhole glasses elsewhere from a domestic vendor. I’ve ordered many items from China, here on Amazon, but I was anxious to try these and glad I didn’t have to wait long for them to arrive.

The glasses fit well, but the ‘lens’ sits a tad close to my eyes. It seems to work better for me when I slide them down my nose a tad, and get the lenses a bit farther away from my eyes. However, the arms aren’t very long, so the ends rest atop my ears instead of around the back. But it’s a small trade-off to get the lenses in the right position.

Do They Work?

Yeah, they do actually work. I wear them on an ‘as needed’ basis, which ends up being once or twice a day for 10 minutes at a time. I’m not expecting some miracle cure that usurps my need for glasses. I just want something to stop or slow down my declining vision. The past few years, I’ve needed a stronger Rx every time I saw the eye doctor. This year, I was hoping to at least hold ground and keep the same glasses.

Good For Fuzzy Tired Eyes

My eyes get blurrier as the day wears on. And most evenings, everything’s a blur even with my glasses on. I’ve only been using these pinhole glasses a short time, but I can already see benefits. I just wear these for 10 minutes whenever my eyes are tired, and then I’m literally seeing clearer. My glasses actually work again. And I can even see a bit clearer without them.

A Workout For Your Eyes

I’m not sure how or why these work, I just know they do. After I wear them, my eyes do feel like they’ve been ‘worked out’ in some way. I can feel ‘something’ has effected my eye , kinda like a little workout for my retinas or something. Whatever the case, they do help and I plan to keep using them.

They Smell Funny

Nothing horrible, but they do have a slight industrial smell. Probably it’s just what cheap plastic from China smells like. Hopefully it dissipates over time. At least I don’t have to wear them all day.

Bottom Line – this was a small price to pay to keep my eyes from getting worse, and maybe, just maybe, help them even improve a little. At this point, I’m just glad that it doesn’t seem like I’ll need a new Rx for my glasses this year. Happy! ;oD

Good for Eye Vision Improve

Package: 1 Pair

Style: Fashion Style

Could be used for Unisex people

Package: 1 Pair pinhole glass +1 pouch+1 glasses cloth+1 Orange Peeler


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