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‘Hospital admissions for renal stone disease were increased by 12.1% during the 1999 – 2009,’ stated the UroToday on April 19, 2013, raising a number of kidney surgeries. At the same time, Fine Treatment recommends Dr. Allen’s device to dissolve kidney stones in one or both kidneys at home, preventing people from the risky operations.

newspaper‘With regard to surgical intervention, the largest increase was found in the use of procedures for kidney calculi. Women now comprise the majority in the inpatient management of stone disease,’ published recently the, Stone Disease Section. Unsafe Percutaneous nephrolithotomy is often used for the treatment of kidney stones, however it is unable to help over a long period of time as often kidney stones are a recurring problem, while Dr Allen’s device dissolves any type and size of kidney stones at home naturally, Fine Treatment reveals.

According to the ‘Wein: Campbell-Walsh Urology, 10th ed.,’ which has been internationally recognized as the pre-eminent text in its field, ‘Revolutionary advances in the minimally invasive and noninvasive management of stone disease over the past two decades have greatly facilitated the ease with which stones are removed. However, surgical treatments, although they remove the offending stone, do little to alter the course of the disease.’

The study ‘Trends in surgery for upper urinary tract calculi in the USA using the Nationwide Inpatient Sample: 1999-2009,’ mentioned in UroToday described facts that ‘Overall, 2 109 455 patients were hospitalized with upper urinary tract calculi over the 11-year period. The majority of admissions were for ureteric calculi (63.4%). Admissions for renal calculus were increased by 12.1% during the study period. A significant increase (25.4%) in hospitalizations for women was found; by 2006, more women than men were admitted to hospital (95 953 vs. 94 556, respectively).’ There were no changes in the use of extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy (ESWL) and nephrectomy.

Contrary to kidney stones removal procedures, the Thermobalancing therapy eases the symptoms and dissolves any stone gradually. Dr. Allen’s Device for Kidney Care consists of a soft belt with two natural thermo-elements in it. The thermo-elements must be placed to the back area that helps to reach both kidneys well. The warmth from the thermo-element increases blood circulation and blood cleanses kidneys from stones naturally, see the video:

“Thermobalancing therapy is the safest way to get rid of kidney stones without harmful and expensive kidney stones removals with ESWL or surgeries,” says Dr. Simon Allen. “Fine Treatment offers a unique Dr. Allen’s device that dissolves renal calculi without adverse side effects. Moreover, with the price of about $150, Dr. Allen’s Device for Kidney Care saves thousands of dollars on medical bills.”

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