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If any person has come into contact with possible scabies contaminants treatment must be applied right away to lessen the risks of an infection. Family or room mates must all start the treatment regardless if they are showing or not symptoms. Clothing, bedding and towels must all be thoroughly washed and properly treated to be sure not to have mist any mites that can trigger once more the scabies.

All drugs that can cure and treat scabies must be prescribed by a professional doctor. It is not a wise thing to do to use non prescribed drug before first consulting with the doctor. If any drugs are used before that, making a proper diagnose will most certainly be a more difficult task.

Some creams are actually used by people and they do affect the diagnose given by the doctor. Corticosteroid creams change the appearance of the rash and they make it very hard for the doctor to give a proper diagnose of the condition the person may be suffering from. The best thing to do would be to use the use the drugs after the doctor has given the go ahead. Oral antihistamines (such as Benadryl) can be used without the fear of later interference with the diagnose.

Creams prescribed by the doctor can be used in a very good way to fight and treat the scabies. Still some creams present a risk factor towards infants. In these kind of cases it is best to use permethrin, crotamiton, and sulfur ointment. The wide variety of drugs available on the market help patients a lot in treating the disease.

There are cases, like the crusted (Norwegian) scabies where the attack of the mite is much more aggressive and the effect on the skin is tougher, several treatments are required, sometimes with the use of more than one drug. Steroid creams and steroid pills can be used with good success in relieving itching, but they don t actually kill scabies. Another type , nodular scabies can be treated with either injections of steroids in to the nodules or in some cases using tar products applied to the skin.

Generally, most of the creams are applied on the entire body; in the cases of infants even on the face and scalp. It is indicated to keep the cream on for 8 to 14 hours to increase the chance of killing the mites.

It is not uncommon for the treatment to fail. This is sometimes due to the wrongfulness way that the medication has been used. It is best to properly follow the instructions to make sure the disease is cured. Sometimes the eggs are not killed and the mites that are this way born make the scabies reappear. As said before it is very important to also treat all family members or roommates that have come into contact with the patient or different contaminants.

treatment for thinning hair reviews

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