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Question by illinoisside: What are the health benefits of gingko biloba?
What remedies has anyone found for tinnitus?

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Answer by snugglebunny
According to research, gingko is particularly useful for circulatory problems because it works to regulate the tone and elasticity of blood vessels, increasing blood flow to the brain and extremities. Gingko also delivers a boost to the nervous system by stimulating the transmission of extra oxygen and glucose to blood cells. Additionally, gingko performs as a powerful antioxidant by scavenging harmful free radicals and aiding in the maintenance of cells. Gingko biloba can help to relieve depression, headaches, anxiety, tinnitus, and dizziness, while promoting both memory and mental clarity. Controlled studies have shown gingko, which stimulates blood flow to the brain, can improve memory in some people with Alzheimer’s disease. It can also be useful in the treatment of symptoms from such conditions as Raynaud’s disease, macular degeneration, cataracts, impotence, and asthma. Furthermore, gingko is beneficial in the treatment of complications of diabetes, and helps to lower the risk of heart attack and stroke.
If you go to http://www.holistic-online.com/Remedies/Ear/tin_alt_herbal-medicine.htm it gives herbs for tinnitus including a description.

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