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Don’t just put it straight down to tinnitus!!

That’s the easy way out to find answers.

I will not tell you the sound frequency I’m hearing yet ……. but please do the test go to this side & tell me the sound frequency you hearing.

Turn up your sound to max & make it match to the sound you hearing.

One thing I will say the sound I’m hearing on and off is not coming in through my ears; its inside the head like a constant stable sound.

Shaking the head will not influence it.

Holding my ears shut changes nothing. Going out side or inside the place makes no difference.

I had it three days ago loud as ever then just gone like someone switched it just off.

So far I had three confirmations that others hearing the exact same thing & frequency on different places on the Globe.

One final Question; would you consider yourself to be a active philosophical Spiritual active thinker …….. or not?

Here you can test it out. ……. Let me know maybe you lucky & its just tinnitus without any mystery left to be solved?


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