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I’m still active duty with a discharge date coming up in the near future. To get my tinnitus documented in my records do I just need to make an appointment with my PCM about it? I plan to file it as a secondary to mental disorder. 


I have tinnitus and I also have migraines due to my mental disorder. I’m not sure if I can make tinnitus my secondary if i have migraines as my secondary. can I have 2 secondaries? 


I’ve told mental health about the ringing ears and migraines. How do I make sure this stuff has been documented? Do I need to tell my PCM?


Under what medical rationale do you feel that your Tinnitus and Migraines, are secondary

to your “mental disorder” ?


Is your “mental disorder” currently diagnosed and being treated while you are still on active duty ?

If yes, what is your “mental disorder” diagnosis ?

Are you RX’d medications for your “mental disorder” ?

If yes, what medications ?

If yes, are side effects noted (with use of these medications) to possibly cause Tinnitus and/or Migraines ?

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