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Thrombosed hemorrhoids are the formation of blood clots in the veins of hemorrhoids of the rectum and anus especially in external hemorrhoids. These external thrombosed hemorrhoids can be seen visually and felt when touched. Thrombosed External hemorrhoids develop around the anus and quick intervention to shrink the hemorrhoid should be sought as the thrombosed hemorrhoids are very painful. (Click the links in the last paragraph below to discover the best way to relief the pain of thrombosed hemorrhoids fast).

The pain caused by thrombosed external hemorrhoids is severe. To reduce this pain we these are some of the simple steps to take:

-Drink plenty of fluids: The body must not get dehydrated. Drink plenty of water everyday which eases bowel movement. (Click the links in the last paragraph below to learn about a secret water system that can cure hemorrhoids easily)

-You can use hemorrhoid creams as suggested by your doctor.

– Maintain high hygiene of the anal region by washing the affected area with warm, salt water gently.

– Eat fiber rich diet. (Click the links in the last paragraph below to learn more about the best hemorrhoid diet)

-Exercise regularly. Take a walk in the early morning hours.

– Avoid putting excessive pressure on the bowels. Use toilet papers very gently over the affected area. Do not rub the infected area as it may increase the severity of thrombosed external hemorrhoids.

-Avail yourself of the use of good natural treatments which cure hemorrhoids naturally and are mostly inexpensive. (Click the links in the last paragraph below to discover a secret powerful natural therapy that can shrink even giant sized thrombosed piles within days)

These following medical therapies can also be used to alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids:

1.The method used for treating internal hemorrhoids is rubber band Ligation. It effectively cuts the supply of blood. The hemorrhoid shrinks and disappears slowly within 2-3 weeks. This method is recommended for internal hemorrhoids treatment.

2.The method called Sclerotherapy is an internal hemorrhoid treatment. A hardening agent called a sclerosant is applied to the rectal veins causing them to dry up and block leading to impaired supply of blood to the hemorrhoid. The hemorrhoid then shrinks and disappears without causing any harm.

3.Infrared coagulation – this procedure involves the burning of the thrombosed hemorrhoid by using infrared light.

4.Hemorroidectomy – An effective method to remove hemorrhoid surgically is Hemorrhoidectomy. When hemorrhoids clot this method is used.

During the surgery of thrombosed external hemorrhoid, this blood clot removal method is one where the clot is removed using surgical instruments. It is a very simple method. After the surgery is over , a cream that can be applied on the surgical wound for a certain period of time.

It is also important to monitor body weight. Excessive weight gain worsens the symptoms of hemorrhoids by putting too much pressure on the anal region. Sitting in the same place for a long period of time should be avoided.

Thrombosed external hemorrhoids can create many physical and emotional problems as the pain in the anal region can also cause sexual disturbance. Despite the severe pain caused by this condition surgery may not be the best option as surgery with its own complications and stress will only add to the already existing discomfort.

The best treatment option is to make use of a simple easy to use natural treatment that will get to the root causes of the pile swelling naturally without causing extra pain and complications. Several thousands of sufferers have testified to the quick curing power of this type of cure, in fact most of them were healed within few days.

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