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    Simply put you are using the wrong shaver type. Never wet shave with a razor.

    Many people are less than well informed, about how to effectively and cheaply remove hair without damaging the skin. Salons will only recommend the services that they sell, so do some reading and decide for yourself. Don’t blindly follow the advice of others the Internet, not even mine.

    In my opinion, with many years of professional hair removal experience, the best way to remove unwanted hair is to shave but shave dry, using an electric personal shaver, like the Bare It All. See it at www.BestBodyShaver.com. Buy online and you do not even have to pay sales tax. You will get “smooth as waxing” skin in a matter of moments at home, and the cost of less than 3 cents per shave, is the cheapest and safest hair removal method anywhere. No itching, no rash, no shaver burn and no ingrown hairs.

    This Bare It All shaver personal shaver is completely different to the wet blade razor which many people shave with and complain loudly about. All razor blade or straight edge shavers scrape away the skin as well as the unwanted hair and this is the best way to get nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs and the shaving rash that everyone dreads. The multi bladed ones with hydrating strips are no different and cost far too much. The Bare It All blades never touch the skin so skin damage cannot occur.

    As for the myth that shaved hairs grows back thicker and faster, many people believe this old wives tale, but it is biologically impossible. Your hair is unable to grow faster or thicker because of the way that you remove or trim it. If that were so there would be no more baldness in the world. Everyone would shave their heads at the first sign of baldness and go on to grow thick lush heads of hair. It does not happen so you can put this urban legend to rest. See what a Mayo Clinic doctor says at http://www.bestbodyshaver.com/shaving-myths/ or ask your own doctor.

    Other unwise hair removal methods you may have considered.

    Despite what others may say, you should NEVER use any depilatory (hair removal) creme or gel. All these hair removal cremes, sprays and gels contain harsh chemicals to attack and dissolve the hair protein. However these caustic chemicals like calcium or sodium thioglycolate, also attack the skin and burn and sometimes permanently discolor the skin and cause dryness. It can also prematurely age the skin in some cases but many don’t find this out until too late. The FDA makes manufacturers put a watered down warning, in small print, on every container, which sadly no one reads. See this review on Amazon. http://io9.com/5906465/the-most-alarming-amazon-reviews-ever. There are many similar horror stories if you Google them.

    Waxing, sugaring, threading, sugaring, epilators are very painful as they pull the hairs out by their roots. This leaves a hole in the skin where the hair once grew and this hole can fill up with bacteria like staphylococcus aureus and cause painful infections and cause permanent skin damage. See http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2010-02-11/news/os-brazilian-wax-woman-files-lawsuit-20100210_1_wax-and-cloth-mary-beth-donahue-attorneys-last-year

    Laser procedures are not permanent and the FDA prohibits anyone from saying otherwise. Laser can burn the skin as well as hair, it is not suitable for all skin and hair types, takes several procedures to do the job, is as enjoyable as having hot needles stuck in you, can also cause permanent skin dryness and discoloration in a laser procedure. The price tag for laser hair removal is equally painful. http://www.calgaryherald.com/life/fashion-beauty/Follicle+folly/6560816/story.html

    The recently introduced home laser hair removal sets are usually the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) diode type and promise more than they can deliver. This is because they are made to be so weak so that no one hurts themselves. So they really are not that helpful, at least to you. You can see loads of complaints about these on the Internet if you care to Google them.

    If you find this information helpful pass it on to others that do not yet know about safe hair removal methods.

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