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Do you have a mole somewhere on your body that you wish you had taken? Cute is the mole near his lips now getting so big it needs its own zip code? If so, you are not alone. Many of my patients ask me to remove tumors on the skin, and most of them are surprised at how quick and relatively painless procedure can be. Here are some frequently asked questions patients ask me about mole removal:

How can you remove? I can use various techniques to remove moles, depending on their size and location. If a mole is raised, I do often a “shave” removal, which removes the raised portion of the mole. This method works well in the face and removal of small moles. Moles can be flat or deep eliminated a “punch” of the device, which looks like a cookie cutter and literally hits through the skin to remove the deepest roots. This method requires a small stitch is removed at one week. Both methods allow physicians to send it to the lab if the mole is suspicious and should be biopsied. Certain types of moles can be burned with an electric needle, sprayed with liquid nitrogen cold laser or eliminate – the area affected by these techniques usually crust and then cured in a week or two.

How does it feel? Before the actual process, to clean the area with alcohol, and inject a few drops of a local anesthetic (lidocaine generally similar to novocaine used in dental work). This part stings for a few seconds, but the anesthetic kicks in almost immediately and you will not feel the rest of the procedure.

How will it heal? Moles on the face who shave tend to heal without problems. However, if the moon is dark, you may have deep roots, so that the pigment may remain even after the shock is gone, making the place like a dark freckle. Shaved Moles can sometimes grow back, although usually not as large as the original mole. Moles that are cut and stitched usually do not return, because the roots have been removed. If you have a history of keloid scarring, talk to your doctor, who may suggest ways to minimize this risk.

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