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mole-removalMoles can enhance ones beauty at times, but most of the times it can cause a total disaster. In essence, moles can be present at birth but you can also develop it due to genetic conditions or brought by sun damage. Having these most especially in areas that are highly visible such as the face can be a nightmare which is why many people who have these is in constant search for the various methods in Mole removal. Fortunately, this is not as complicated as you may think it is because cosmetic surgery and natural remedies are widely available to help you get rid of unwanted moles.

Have it Checked Prior to Mole Removal

Essentially, you have the option to undergo surgery, or to remove moles yourself. However, it is recommended to have your moles checked first so that you will be able to determine whether it can be a candidate for self-intervention. The truth is moles can be just a normal or cancerous so you must have it inspected by a medical professional before you attempt to do something about it. This is not to put a scare on you but to help you avoid the spread of cancer right away in case that you have a cancerous mole. Your mole should be checked if it appears in mix colours such as black, red, tan, brown or pink. Also, moles with uneven borders and is getting bigger should be subjected for further analysis. You also have to take noted if your mole is usually itchy or have experienced inflammation and bleeding that does not seem to heal.

Mole Removal Via Cosmetic Surgery

Various treatments and procedures are available for you if it is recommended, or you decide to remove moles with the aid of medical professionals. You can choose from excision, shave biopsy, curettage and cry therapy. Basically, excision is performed by removing the mole using surgical methods and stitched until the area heals. Moreover, shave biopsy is simply a method that makes use of blade to shave off the mole and send it for biopsy to identify whether it is cancerous. Moles can also be scared out from the skin with a special curettage technique which works best for warts. You may also opt for cry therapy which involved spraying liquid nitrogen in the mole freezing it and destroying the abnormal cells. But if you have the budget you can also go for laser mole removal which is proven to be fast and effective.

Mole Removal Using Natural Methods

Out of the many cosmetic methods in Mole removalyou can also opt for natural methods if the mole is benign and you want to save money on cosmetic surgery. One way is to create an Aspirin paste by crushing the tablets in water and applying the mixture to your mole. The area should be covered with clean cloth or bandage and the procedure should be repeated twice a day until the mole disappears completely. Apart from this you can also make use of cauliflower juice, apple juice, onion juice as well as castor and baking soda. All of these natural methods are effective most especially if your mole is not the cancerous type.

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