If You Leave How to Get Rid of Moles From Face – Only If You Have …

What is exactly are skin moles?

Skin moles have to be one of the most common element found on skin regardless of ethnicity. Moles, which are defined as growths of the skin pigment and can be of various colours from black to brown and sometimes pink. Moles can be cute and some of them can also be a malignant tumor. If yours is bigger than normal and its size, shape and colour keep changing, it can be a dysplastic nevus and you should consult with your doctor for analysis. How to get rid of moles from face and other areas of your body will vary greatly on their size and location.

Do you have a cute mole like Cindy Crawford or Madonna?

Obviously if your mole is small, black and cute, like Cindy Crawford or Madonna you would want to keep it. Actually some people are constantly asking questions on where to find a fake one or how to make one at home. That kind of thing is becoming a beauty commodity and can be quite expensive. As with most things in life, not everybody can be lucky to have the so called cute mole, therefore the reality of getting rid of them is also a necessity for many people around the world.

Remedies that you can do at home.

There are things that you can do yourself at home if you really want to get rid of your mole. You may have various reasons to want to remove it and the first step is to try to do it yourself with simple condiments that you can find at home. For example if you have nothing against garlic, you can grind a few pieces into a paste and apply it with a bandage on your mole at night. The following morning remove the bandage and wash the skin with warm water. If for any reason you don’t like garlic, you can do the same with honey. You would apply the honey directly on the mole then wash with warm water the next morning.

Talking with your doctor or dermatologist.

As easy as it may sound, some moles will require more than a homemade solution. The solution will be found after talking with your doctor and dermatologist. Bear in mind that the quick and easy solution will be for the doctor to numb the area with an anesthetic and proceed in removing the mole along with the roots. Based on that some doctor will tell you that the scars following the procedure will be minimal and that after a few weeks you will be good as new. In all truthfulness quite a few people have gone through the mole removal procedures then were left to deal with the scars following the surgery. They were quite disappointed to say the least not to mention the cost associated.

If it is not broken, don’t fix.

Sometimes it is better to leave alone a mole that is not bothersome rather than trying to get rid of it only to find yourself in a worse situation than before. If your skin moles after analysis with your doctor is cancerous, by all means you’ll have to go with your doctor’s advice and remove it as soon as possible, but if it is not malignant and not bothering you, it may be best to learn to live with it instead of learning how to get rid of the mole on your face and body only to find out that it is more than you bargained for.

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