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How to Remove a Mole Permanently and Completely

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How to remove a mole is a problem shared by many fair skinned folks. I am one of these people afflicted with many moles. I have discovered from my research that it is normal to have between 10 to 40 skin moles on your body. I can count 40 moles on my left arm alone! Most of my moles are fine, but a couple really bothered me and prompted me to learn how to remove a mole. This is what I found to work.

I have experience with mole removal, I have had them removed via surgical treatment and I learned how to remove a mole using natural home remedies.

Why and How to Remove a Mole Using Surgery

Let me touch briefly on my experience of how to remove a mole using surgery. I had two moles removed via surgical mole removal. The first mole was removed from my leg. This happened many years ago and was done because I was having another minor surgical procedure done. At the time I told my doctor it would be nice if she could also cut a mole off on my leg that was a nuisance.

My doctor obliged; however, at the time I didn’t even consider that I was going to have to pay to get the mole removed. I naively thought that because I was getting a needed procedure done, that my doctor would “throw this in” as a courtesy.

She did explain how to remove a mole using the scalpel and a local anesthetic; but, she did not happen to mention that the cost of surgically removing the mole would be $400. Or, that this money would come out of my pocket because unlike the other procedure, this mole was being removed for “cosmetic” reasons.

At the time I was certainly not pleased, but I racked this situation up to experience and vowed to research more into how to remove a mole in the future.

Time passed and I developed an odd mole in the crease of my left elbow. One day I noticed that this mole was scratched open. I didn’t think much of it at the time and figured I just bumped it.

I started to get suspicious when the mole would not heal. For weeks the mole would scab over and get a crust like it was healing, but then look like it opened up again. I knew this was a possible sign of skin cancer and headed to my dermatologist.

The dermatologist took a sample of the mole and sent it to a lab, which confirmed that the mole was a basal cell carcinoma. This mole had to be surgically removed to get rid of all the cancer cells.

What I learned about how to remove a mole that is cancerous is that it involves a fairly major amount of scrapping and that results in a quite noticeable scar. I have a scar on my arm to this day (about 3 years after the removal) that is very noticeable. Thank goodness this was not a facial mole removal.

So judging on how to remove a mole using surgery, I decided that due to high costs and scarring, that surgical mole removal was best left for moles that are determined to be cancerous moles.

Yes surgical mole removal will get rid of the mole permanently and completely, but is it really worth having a scar left behind?

How to Remove a Mole Using Home Remedies

After these experiences I wanted to learn more about how to remove a mole using home remedies or natural means. I still had a large raised mole on my face and one on my chest that really bothered me and I was not going to jump back into surgery if I could help it.

I looked into a number of different home remedies to learn how to remove a mole and was met with a number of choices. I may be a bit unusual because I tend to be skeptical when it comes to home remedies for how to remove a mole. Yet, at the same time I like the control I have when using these at-home cures and I do not mind experimenting.

I found that most of the research on how to remove moles naturally used slightly acidic based ingredients such as juice from acidic fruits or castor oil. These ingredients are easy to find in your local grocery store or drug store and safe to use on your skin.

You will likely need to use repeated applications of the home remedies and this could be considered a downside of how to remove a mole with these natural cures. However, to me this is a safer way to go and ultimately reduces your risk of scarring.

From all of my experiences with mole removal, and my research into how to remove a mole using natural home remedies, I feel that both surgical and natural remedies will get rid of moles completely and permanently. But, for the lowest cost and lowest risk of scarring home remedies are the best answers to how to remove a mole.

What if you are afraid you will screw things up?

I know how it can be to worry about doing something wrong when removing a mole on your own, especially a mole on your face! If you want to get rid of your mole without worry you’ll need to learn a single method that works amazingly well.

Erin G Kelly shared these remedies.

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