Dr. Zak Answers Your Questions: Part 1

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Your questions matter, and Dr. Zack’s Zarbock is here to answer. As the creator of Zarbee’s and an actual pediatrician, he has some expert advice for you. We’d like to thank those that participated with their questions during our “Ask Dr. Zak Facebook Contest” and we’d like to congratulate our winners whose questions are being featured. Along with their questions making it on the blog, winners will also be receiving a Zarbee’s Camelbak water bottle. We love our fans and we love interacting with you, thank you for giving us more and more opportunities to do just that.

Without further ado, Dr. Zak Zarbock answers your questions!

Hania Nammari asks: Why is it not good to give any cough medicine until the age of 1?

Dr. Zak’s Answer: A cough in a young child can be caused by a variety of things.  It may be as simple as a dry scratchy throat or mucus drainage from a cold, to more serious things like bronchiolitis or pneumonia.  A cough medicine is really only appropriate when it works as a soothing agent to help with bothersome coughs, but shouldn’t stifle the body’s natural reflex to clear the airways.  Zarbee’s was designed to help children with coughs due to throat irritation, but until recently wasn’t available to those under the age of one because it contains dark honey.  The new Zarbee’s Baby Cough Syrup was made with a natural agave syrup that is safe and effective infants, two months and over.

Melissa Forbes asks: How can I tell when it’s just a cough or something worse?

Dr. Zak’s Answer: It may be difficult to always know when you or your child has something more than just a cough.  Signs that you should seek medical attention for a cough include:

-A cough that is prolonged, lasting more than a few weeks

-Any shortness of breath, difficulty breathing or wheezing

-Cough associated with fever, chills, sweating, or ill appearance

-Chest pain or painful cough

-Coughing up phlegm that is green, yellow, blood-stained, or foul smelling

Maggie Hu Asks: Do I get sick easier than anyone else because I work at a daycare?

Dr. Zak’s Answer: Unfortunately, daycare is often a breeding ground for unwanted and contagious viruses.  However it doesn’t have to mean that you will get sick more often than others.  When starting at a new daycare or school, you may notice more illness initially, but your body’s immune system is able to adapt to your environment by producing antibodies to many common viruses in your area.  For instance, as a pediatrician, I am coughed on, puked on, and even pooped on several times a day.  I stay healthy by washing my hands before and after every patient and taking special precaution never to touch my eyes, nose and mouth, which are the gateways for most viruses.


Since there were so many great questions, we’ve put this into parts. Check back next week for Part II of our Q&A with Dr. Zak. And remember, you can always ask questions at any time, day or night, on the Zarbee’s Facebook Page.

Source: Dr. Zak Answers Your Questions: Part 1