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Hair restoration surgery, also known as hair transplantation, is a surgical procedure that relocates individual hair follicles from a given part of the patient’s head, the donor site, to a bald or balding part of the patient’s head, the recipient site. It is a surgical procedure for treating baldness in males. The relocated hair follicles are usually genetically resistant to balding. At hairlab, we not only offer surgical hair restoration techniques that provide real results, we also provide non-surgical hair restoration treatments. We aim at changing peoples’ lives by helping you feel better through surgical as well as non-surgical means that will restore your hair back to glory. We achieve non-surgical laser hair restoration through the use of laser hair therapy and products.

At hairlab clinic, we also use LaserCap technology that treats your scalp using 224 low-level red 5mw 650nm individual lasers to enhance hair growth. The individual lasers have the same potential as Laser Hood or Laser Comb but with greater total output. Eventually, you get an even treatment of your scalp while on the go or at home in a safe, fast and effective way. Patients using the LaserCap for half an hour a day and three times in a week usually notice the difference within 6-12 months time. Similarly, the LaserCap can be used alongside other hair loss treatments that are non-surgical like propecia and rogaine.

At Hairlab, we also offer a laser hair treatment with an additional 48 lasers for improved result. Contact us to see how you can get an additional 48 lasers at no extra charge!

Propecia, or PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), is a concentration of proteins and growth factors in blood platelets. These boost blood circulation to the hair follicles therefore supplying them with more nutrients and removing wastes thereby promoting growth and shaft thickening. It’s an effective treatment for suppressing hair loss. On the other hand, Rogaine is used to stimulate hair re-growth in individuals who have hereditary baldness or hair loss patterns.

At hairlab clinic, our prices are unchallenged and our services are world class. This means that you get quality services at an affordable price from certified hair transplant surgeons. Visit us and transform your life.

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