Haircut for LeBron James, who loses battle against receding hairline …

barber poleYou know it is a slow news day when the lead item of the evening news has to do with a player getting a haircut.

But the appetite for news never ceases, nor does our determination to keep bringing you something to whet your appetite, like the discussion of steak in the Tweet of the Night (must-read for meat lovers and Milwaukeeans). And the Top 10 Worst Free Agent signings, which was posted today — and is a nice counterpoint to the 10 Best Free Agent Signings, which went up a day earlier.

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Your top stories …

LeBron James shaves his head

The battle against a receding hairline is always a losing one for men. And for once, LeBron James has conceded defeat.

Earth’s best basketball player has shaved his head. And yes, we all feel a little bit older if we can remember the days when he was playing for St. Vincent’s-St. Mary’s in Akron. (More on the reaction to LBJ’s chrome dome in the Tweet of the Day.)

Here is his new look:









Larry Sanders gets papered by Bucks 

Gets papered?

That is what NBA players say to each other when they get paid, when they put pen to paper and sign a big contract.

Avery Johnson informed me of that expression back when he was playing with the San Antonio Spurs. (Yes, I am an old-ass man. But at least I still have my hair).

Sanders is getting $44 million over four years, which is what happens to players who are 7 feet tall and have breakout seasons. Bonuses that could push the deal to close to $48 million.

“By combining his God-given ability with hard work and determination, Larry has developed into one of the top young defensive players in the league,” Bucks general manager John Hammond said in a news release. “He is a very important part of what we are doing in Milwaukee, and we’re excited to announce his contract extension.”

The extension begins for the 2013-14 season, so Sanders will play next season at $3 million.

Sanders posted an Instagram photo of him setting himself up for the rest of his life (unless he becomes Antoine Walker/Scottie Pippen 2.0).

sanders signs







That money will buy a lot of steak at the 5 O’Clock Club, if Larry is smart enough to follow this site.

Ronnie Brewer signs with Rockets

As noted over and over and over again on this site (example, Tony Allen), every great team needs a defensive stopper. We can debate the merits of whether Ronnie Brewer qualifies as “stopper,” but he is a pretty darn good defender.

And now he has another new home.

After splitting last season playing for the New York Knicks and the Oklahoma City Thunder, Brewer will be the first line of defense against perimeter players before they have to deal with Dwight Howard in the paint. He has signed with the Houston Rockets. According to Jeff Zilgitt of USA Today, it is a partially guaranteed two-year deal.

The 28-year-old shot 41.2% from 3-point range in the month of November, but his production trailed off considerably throughout the rest of the season. He seldom saw the court with the Thunder, appearing in just one playoff game. With the addition of Brewer, the Rockets will go into training camp with 18 players under contract with either fully or partially guaranteed deals. (Here is the Rockets’ cap situation).

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