Hair restoration for men: the cure for Male Pattern Baldness


Restoring the original dense scalp of our youth has become a real possibility since hair transplantation became available for the public. Male Pattern Baldness – which is the most common hair problem in the world – can be beaten permanently by the surgical treatment, according to the hair restoration clinics. The following article will sum up the choices for men who are considering hair restoration to combat baldness.

Regain your natural hairline and the density of your hair!


Common problem of the middle-aged men

Almost 70% of men in their middle-ages suffer from Male Pattern Baldness, which is the most common type of hair-loss among the population. The first sign of balding is the thinning of hair and the receding hairline above the forehead and crown area.

The condition is mainly based on a genetic background and its onset can appear in the early thirties in many cases or even earlier. When hair-loss occurs prematurely among men, it can heavily affect their quality of life in a psychological manner. The victims of severe hair-loss usually lose their self-esteem due to the nature of their condition, which makes them start to look for alternative solutions.

There are partial solutions like using wigs or wearing hats, but these aesthetical substitutes will not satisfy those who seek for a real effective cure for their condition. There are other, more effective techniques, like special pills and shampoos which are claimed to be able to improve the quality of the scalp and even support the growth of new hair in some instances.

However, if a permanent solution is one’s goal, the only proven method of curing baldness is the surgical procedure of hair transplantation.    


The ultimate cure for hair loss

Hair restoration procedures for men's baldness.

The good news for the men, who do not want to settle for the above-mentioned halfway measures, is that surgical hair restoration works effectively in curing Male Pattern Baldness. 

The possibility of the complete recovery from baldness has become accessible by the latest developments in the field. The prospective outcome of the procedure can be determined within very close margins by the physicians at the personal consultations, after examining the actual condition, severity, and the donor supply of the scalp.

The exact method and the cost of the procedure will be based on the number of grafts that the candidate’s scalp requires – which can widely differ.

For a milder condition, where baldness being only present on a certain area – as a receding hairline for instance -, a successful treatment may require only about 1500-2000 grafts. A more severe case naturally demands higher numbers of grafts for a completely pleasuring outcome. Considering the procedure’s high success rate, hair restoration can be a good investment in future happiness. 

Regain your natural hairline and the density of your hair!

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