understanding psoriasis scalp its symptoms causes and treatment

Psoriasis s a skin disease that affect the scalp of the head leading to the scalp having patches of dead white skin, reddish patches due to the overgrowth of the skin that constitutes the scalp.

Psoriasis scalp is the most common type of the disease. Psoriasis scalp is characterized by having powdery white scales of dead skin on the scalp, irritation and itchiness of the skin. It is also characterized by having bumps containing puss on the scalp, inflammation of the skin accompanied by blisters and pain on the skin. These are just but a few symptoms of the scalp psoriasis and it is evident that it can be confused with other major skin diseases affecting the skin and it is always advisable to visit a medical practitioner in cases such symptoms makes an appearance.

In order to understand psoriasis scalp, one has to focus on its causes so as to avoid them where possible as the disease I not purely a natural infection. These are some of the causes of scalp psoriasis.

Psoriasis scalp can be inherited by the children from the parents this is because the scalp disease can be linked in the parents’ genetic structure and the same genes are passed to the children. Psoriasis scalp can also be caused as a result of allergic reactions. Allergies that results in the imbalance of the immune system may end up causing an inflammation of the skin which will in turn cause psoriasis scalp.

Bacterial infections that result in formation of dandruffs may also cause scalp psoriasis as the infections tend to weaken the immune system thus leading to the inflammation of the skin and eventually result in the infection of scalp psoriasis.

Continued use of chemicals such as hair cosmetics such as shampoos, hair gels and coloring chemicals also leads to the formation of the scalp psoriasis. These are because the hair cosmetics directly leads to the inflammation of the skin which is a major cause of the skin disease.

Scalp psoriasis can be treated by use of various approaches some involves and others natural such as use of direct regulated amounts of natural sunlight. Visit to know about different psoriasis treatments.



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