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Hi friend,

Psoriasis has been probably a “friend” we have been living with for years which we have been trying to distant from for probably as long as they have been with us.

Because of Psoriasis, some of us have been experiencing not just a less than ideal quality of life physically and because we may require more time and effort to treat our auto immune disease, our superiors within the company we work with may have difficulty accepting our treatment requirements. Some of us may also be plagued with psoriasis arthritis which may hinder us from performing to our optimum potential.

Some of us may also be stigmatized and because of the visible state of our skin get denied entry into companies when it comes to selecting a candidate for a job position and usually finding ourselves in a position where we have to compromise on a job because of our “disability”

The truth is we don’t have to be bounded by such limits. This post addresses a question from my Facebook group on psoriasis set up to help psoriasis sufferers seek comfort, gain knowledge about the disease and know better how to treat it

A question popped up (refer to pictures) on whether Kangen and Skincerity works. I addressed Kangen and will address Skincerity in another post.

Before posting my reply, I would like to add that I am home based business person and I understand that although we have psoriasis, we too have our dreams and aspirations just like everyone else.

We should not be limited by our “disability” and instead look at ways we too can enjoy a good quality of life be it physically, emotionally or financially.

Kangen and Skincerity allows us to do all that. If you feel led and drawn to me and share a similar vision and would like to work with me, let not distance be a limitation as globalization had made the world a lot closer through Skype, viber and many other communication modes.

My Skype id is “thehopefultree”
U can also reach me on whatsapp at +65-91680228
My email:
And as you probably know by now I’m Ray Chua

Alright, back to the purpose of this post




It works in varying degrees for different people I guess. I quote what a doctor said recently that there are many ways to treat psoriasis and the reason is because there is no one way to treat it yet. In other words medical science has not come up with an effective way to treat psoriasis just as yet. And most importantly, every treatment comes with side effects and they all come with a price to pay. Some higher than others. In further posts, I will be posting more about psoriasis and what medical research as to what we know as of now in medical research and the side effects.

Having said that, treatment for psoriasis is a must, regardless of whatever form you use. And you must be comfortable with the method of treatment you use. Leaving psoriasis untreated could lead to detrimental consequences such as cardiovascular disease and other problems which may arise (refer to my next post on understanding psoriasis).

Please Note Well:
Because medical science has not come up with a way to combat psoriasis with a way of managing the disease that the human body is most likely to respond well without considerable health risks (eg potential liver problems, uncertain long term side effects due to the medicine not having a history of being around long enough and the potential incidence of cancer and other problems due to the T cell blockers which research have shown that it is due to overreactive T cells which causes excessive skin growth that u see in psoriasis), you see emerging “alternative cures” sprouting out to prey on “desperate” sufferers who have tried various treatments and still not getting the results they want.

To be fair, some of these alternative cures do work for people and the same stuff that work for some may not work for others. And some who have tried them have also come realize that their liver gets affected or some other health problems arose. Most of these alternative cures are peddled by untrained medical professionals and if you have more than one medical problem like diabetes, hep b, heart problems or other issues, peddlers may not know enough to be able to help you. Worse if they are just more interested in lining their pockets just because it has worked for people the company has gotten as ambassadors who have shown results. And because it is usually not very regulated like medicine is, it is generally not safe to just consume them and one must do their due diligence and relevant research first instead of just popping anything into their mouths. It could result in worst case scenario – death

My personal advice for all psoriasis sufferers is this:

1. Go to a dependable medically trained professional – Dermatologists
These are specialists in the field. They studied medicine and extensive study on the area of skin. Although they may not know everything (no one does except God if you believe He exists – I do), they are the closest to be able to help you.

– depending on your severity, doctors may treat you with topical steroids first then move on to phototherapy or other modes of treatment which they think could better control your condition. There is no cure at this point apart from the miraculous healing of God. Unfortunately, not every doctor takes the time to explain the side effects of each treatment extensively to the patient, possibly due to the lack of time, there is always a queue outside in public hospitals especially in subsidized healthcare, and also because not every patient would understand and sometimes, the patient is better off not knowing. Knowledge may also hinder a patient from proceeding with treatment. Which is not necessarily a good thing as mentioned earlier, it could lead to other more serious diseases. Psoriasis is not just a skin disease. It’s an auto immune disease. Meaning your own anti bodies (immunity system) are already not functioning very well and inflammatory conditions are present in your body. It’s eventually going to come to – which is the lesser of two evils – medicine or die from other diseases anyway. If you choose to work with this option, please continue to follow up regardless of the success rate of the treatment and go for tests your specialists send you for to monitor because if any complications arise they are able to do counter measures before the situations get worse. Most medicines available in the market have a long enough history for doctors to be able to manage the situation while its manageable so please work closely with your dermatologist.

2. If you are more adventurous and wish to try alternative treatment, go with a few guiding principles.
– don’t just take what people say as gospel truth. Do your own research.
– don’t just pop anything into your mouth, no matter how harmless it may be. You may be surprised how even certain minerals, supplements, Chinese or Indian medicine may cause serious health issues. Do enough research, then go back to consult your specialist before taking anything orally. They have your medical file and it would be best to consult them first. They may not be able to comment much because they are medically trained and usually not nutritionally trained BUT they have lots of patients who go to them asking them about various other “snake oil” claims of cures and they probably heard enough to tell you if it is worth trying or not.

I tell my doctors openly that I use Kangen water. They have heard of people who use it. Most reserve their comments aside from it costing a bomb and it has no medical science backing it’s efficacy. But it’s just water so if one is “foolish enough” to pay an exorbitant amount for alkaline water which science has proven has no effect on the body due to homeostasis (meaning- anything you consume, your body is able to convert back to 7.325 PH level), they leave it to the patient to decide. But water being just water, it can do little harm. Unless you have kidney, heart problems, or any issues which your medical practitioner has given you water restrictions for, then drink the amount of water your doctor prescribes you, be it Kangen water or any other water you normally consume.
To me, the price of the Kangen machine is undoubtably costly it’s about 4000 usd. But I have done enough research and have personally tried the water for free for a period of time before deciding to invest in the machine which has a lifespan longer than most similar machines which can produce alkaline water. But the Kangen machine has numerous certifications, won several awards and used by 100s of Japanese hospitals and backed by doctors who vocalize their support for Kangen water. Even the American institute for cancer openly endorses the machine. (Yes I have proof)

I would just like to keep it to facts and before this starts skewing towards a sales pitch, I would just like to say Kangen water works for me. It may or may not work for u. And the upfront cost of it is steep. If u can say, I have spent tons of money on medicine or treating psoriasis already, what is another 4000 usd to give it a try, sure pm me and we will speak privately. If not, refer to option one – doctors and drugs.

But for me, I believe they can co-exist. And I believe that as the informed customer/ patient, we deserve the right to question and have answers. I am proud to say that I do not have to be a private patient to have questions answered by dermatologists in the national skin centre of Singapore. Their nurses are also well trained and managed by good and experienced matrons who are passionate about helping their patients (and I am not just saying that cos there are some in this group lol). I truly mean it.

You may in Malaysia or any part of the world. But I believe the reason why doctors become one and stay one is because they are passionate about helping people get well in the best ways they can.

I would like to conclude by saying, whatever mode of treatment or combination of treatments you use, for your own sakes, do it alongside with a derm. Do not do it alone or any self acclaimed expert with lots of experience. They are not doctors. Including me.

I can only share my own experience as a patient and fellow sufferer and what has helped me. I am sure there are other patients out here who may have tried other ways of controlling their psoriasis whom I hope will share their own ways of controlling the disease and are ALOT cheaper And safe too- eg diet changes, exercise etc.

And that’s what this group is all about. Yes, I am open about what I do as a home based business – Kangen and Skincerity. But it is not the only two things in the world that can help psoriasis.

My hope for this psoriasis comfort group is for people here to find comfort for those who seek it, knowledge from fellow sufferers to help us cope better and get advice under the radar of health care professionals and Pharma companies so you will always get a balanced view.

Occasionally there will be a peddler or two coming in to promote their product, I promise to be as critical and objective as I can towards them for sake of the community even though I may not have a vested interest in them. We are all here together to get well in the safest way possible, and that’s what this group is all about.

I do not conceal in anyway that I am an independent distributor of Kangen and Skincerity but I would appreciate if enquiries come in the form of personal messages (pm) should you want to know more about it as I do not intend to turn this Facebook group page into a market place for me or peddlers.

Hope that answers your question bro

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