Diet Histamine and Psoriasis

Tthis study you have posted confirms the presence of increased mast cells in psoriasis lesions…( mast cells secrete histamine)
plus increased concentration of histamine in psoriasis lesions…. and increased rates of release in psoriasis lesions

But just not caused by nerves ….

Well this study certainly doesn’t rule out the involvement of histamine in psoriasis lesions if that is why you are quoting it

Where did I say Eczema is CAUSED by histamine?

My previous post explains that histamine is commonly released in response to allergies and that histamine is the dominant inflammatory mediator in eczema lesions

And ALLERGIC contact dermatitis (known as ACD or Allergic Contact Dermatitis)  is caused by a Type IV sensitivity

Type I allergy ( food /inhalant) is far more common than II or III

Please research the incidence of contact allergies and PPP ( again I would suggest the histamine produced in response to exposure to the hapten (low molecular weight substance that can pass through the sratatum corneum) may at least be an exacerbating trigger in PPP)

your body tries to counteract inflammation so is releasing histamine, thats why histamine levels are increased.

mechanism is simple :    mosquito bites — histamine release – itching – skin reaction

since psoriasis is not eczema , but  in both casses histamine is / may be involved , using antihistamines will not cause remission.

What even more interesting — having psoriasis and being bitten by mosquito will not cause psoriasis plaque development , although histamine is released at the site of mosquito bite.

to make it simple : you trying to say that a car and a plane are the same vehicles because use of fuel .

You are shifting now from histamine to allergens , as far as I can see

endotoxins , toxins , bacterial lipopolysaccharides  etc are kind of “allergens” too

difference is that allergens triggers allergic reaction by B-cells

psoriasis is caused by T-cells –> please research

because of skin barrier abnormalities , you may have different skin reactions to allergens, but still psoriasis is not caused by allergens itself. If you stood still , not touching anything , for 3 months , brathing crystal clear air – you would still have psoriasis.

in type IV hs –

Type IV of hypersensitivity reaction is usually manifested in the skin in different clinical pattern. According to traditional Gell and Coombs classification, the mechanism of IV type of allergic reaction has been associated with contact allergy with the activity of lymphocytes Th1 secreting interferon gamma.

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not histamine

thats the difference , similarity of pathogens  to natural occuring endotoxins or proteins that trigger TH1 response similat to infections rather .

Remember – a lot of people don’t have itching / histamine problems and still have psoriasis.

those who have – for sure have also allergic reaction ( independently along with psoriasis )

haven’t you ever thought that histamine itself may be an allergen causing skin itching ?

as I tried to show to you , histamine tries to counteract psoriasis, but if you are histamine hypersensitive , you will develop histamine intolerance – meaning allergic reaction to elevated levels of histamine ….

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Also remember that psoriasis is life long disease , so “allergen” lasting is also life long , it means most of common allergens are not involved in psoriasis pathomechanism.

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