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    Drinking lots of water doesn’t do much for your skin, except to make you pee more & another excuse to sell bottled water. Go to Snopes, search Drinking 8 Glasses of water. Only the FACTS.

    Proactive is the most advertised acne products out there. They’re even getting paid celebrities to do an infomercial. On the radio, they’re giving them away with FREE SHIPPING and a month’s supply if you call NOW.

    Any kind of facial wash, you’re leaving something toxic behind, it’s not a matter of convenience, it’s a billion dollar business that can do more harm than good to your acne.

    Take a shower everyday, use washcloth to exfoliate and bath & body wash. Hydrogen peroxide does wonders for acne. Visit their website for more tips & other uses. ONLY .

    Acne medication could worsen what ever allergies you have, so instead of trying out one product after another, you’re actually spreading it around.
    The less products you use, the better for your skin. Use a bath & body wash like Suave, Irish Spring, Dove Body & Face wash in the shower, use a washcloth. Treat your face like the rest of your body, take a shower everyday or wash your face everyday.

    The secret is keeping your face clean and oil-free. I also don’t use liquid on my face for anything, and very little moisturizer, not even a dime size. Since my face is not dry. Good skin also comes from your good genes. Increase your fresh fruits & vegetables 3-5 servings per day. And programmed your mind to do this day after day, for the rest of your life.

    The beauty industry is a billion dollar business, they know acne is everyone’s problem, but instead of saying soap is drying for you, they have to invent an acne product that can worsen the skin as MANY TEENAGERS have experienced during hormonal change, but as you get older those are completely a waste of time & money!

    Sometimes just the oil on your face from make up and lotions, even from your hair can travel to your face causing acne to come out. Others, from stress, hormones & diet or foods.

    All the vitamins & minerals you need for good skin care comes from all the healthy foods you eat from Mother Nature.

    If acne’s a problem, your pillowcases may be part of the cause. “They collect skin oil, dead skin cells, bacteria, and excess night creams,” says David Bank, a professional Dermatology @ Columbia University/New York-Presbyterian Hospital. “But if nothing changed by 6 week the product will never work for you. Time to move on.”

    Any time you exposed your skin to the sun, your HYPERPIGMENTATION will only get darker, and darker. Avoid the sun @ least 90% of the day. They will fade, months even years from now.
    I have Discoid Lupus, caused from the sun. How I got that? When I’ve been protecting myself from the sun since age 9? Beats me. But, I got it, period. It took 12 years for them to fade. Lotions does not protect you from nasty, painful burns. Lotions does not protect you from skin cancer. Lotions does not protect you from skin diseases. Lotions does not protect you from discolorations – permanently. And lotions does not protect you from skin tags, freckles, moles, they will only get larger, darker, and bumpier as they are exposed from UV. The less beauty products you use, the better for your skin.

    SENSITIVE SKIN? Skip the gels and waterproof formulas. They contain more alcohol, as well as an ingredient called propylene glycol, which many people are allergic to. Water just can’t get in (sunscreen for ex.) but sweat also can’t get out – which can cause breakouts.

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