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DermatitisDermatitis means skin rash or inflammation. It may cause red itchy skin or even blisters. There are various reasons for dermatitis some of them are allergic to cosmetic, perfumes, nail polish metal jewelry. Dermatitis can be of many kinds such as eczema, nummular dermatitis, statist dermatitis etc.

A person suffering from dermatitis has to bear with itchy skin, burning sensation, blister and dry and cracked skin. Dermatitis occurs due to coming into contact with a substance which damages skin, it generally damages hand though it may affect other part of the body. It is in the best interest of the person suffering to avoid contact with irritant but since it is not possible all the time, there are many treatments available such as using emollients and lotion bath. An emollient is the moisturizer that reduces the loss of water from the skin. Lotions baths can also be very helpful . There are many natural ways to treat dermatitis but it is very important to first find out the reason of dramatist.

Various Natural Ways To Cure Dermatitis

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil provides a very effective remedy for dramatists as it has motorizing and antimicrobial properties in it. If a person is suffering from dermatitis he can warm up some coconut oil and apply gently on the effected area it will soften the skin and reduce the redness and dryness, best time to apply coconut oil is at the bed time.

Coconut Oil

In few days time you will observe astonishing results with the usage of coconut oil.

Almond Leaves Paste

An almond leaves paste can be of great aid to treat dermatitis. We can make a paste with some fresh almond leaves, grind them and mix it up with water to make a smooth paste.

Almond Leaves Paste

Now apply it on the effected area and leave it for some time, then wash the area with some lukewarm water and apply some moisturizer, it can be repeated thrice in a day. In some time you will find a significant change in the condition.


It’s very important to be cautious of hygiene in the case of dermatitis. We can prepare a oatmeal bath by adding one cup of oatmeal to the lukewarm water. Now take bath with this prepared bath for about fifteen minutes, it will help in maintain to moisture of the skin. One can follow this routine for a month and he will find a significant improvement in his condition.

Chamomile Flowers

Chamomile flowers can be very effective way to treat dermatitis at home. Chamomile flowers have therapeutic properties in it. Take some chamomile flowers and boil it in water, now let the water cool down and then add some ice cubes to it.


Soak the part which is affected by dermatitis, soon it will bring relief to the person suffering. This can be done once in a day in some days there will be a significant improvement.


Homeopathic can provide relief to the person suffering from dermatitis. A person can go adopt this treatment as it does not have any side effects. If one is suffering from itchy or broken skin, medicine such as calendula can be very helpful to moisturize the skin and also helps in preventing dermatitis.


Another medicine which can be very helpful is Nat Mur which can cure itchiness and blister hence homeopathy can be very useful in treating dermatitis

Dietary Intake

Food plays a vital role in dermatitis. In take of food rich in vitamin C such as kiwi tomatoes and peepers should be increased in daily diet. food like nuts eggs green vegetables avocados are rich source of vitamin E which is very essential in treating dermatitis.

Vitamin C Rich foods

One should also try to include pumpkinseeds mushroom and wholegrain in diet as these are rich in zinc which cures and also helps in preventing dermatitis. Some food can be avoided such as food rich in carbohydrate and sugar, dairy products as they encourage inflammation. Increase the water intake because it is very important to keep the skin hydrated.


Honey can cure dermatitis very effectively. A person suffering from dermatitis can make a paste with honey, wax seed and olive oil and apply it to the effected area. This paste will bring relief in the itchiness.


Diluted honey with water can also be applied directly it on the effected area, this should be done least once in a day, for a month and it will be of great aid in treating dermatitis.

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