Reclaiming Vision: A New Adventure

Hello there internet friends,

If you haven’t been to my Youtube channel, you might have missed that I’ve been in Texas all summer. Now I’m home again, and school has started back up. Without going into detail, my life has been incredibly busy and generally a mess. As much as I’d like to say I’m starting up an eye exercise routine again, there is just too much chaos and imbalance in my life to keep a routine, and it won’t be normalizing again anytime soon.

The good news is, after going to Texas specifically to get out of my comfort zone, the tumult has kept me not quite in my comfort zone since I’ve been back. I’m about to graduate college and as new opportunities are unfolding, I’m preparing for a new adventure in my life. Though it won’t be as direct as the eye exercises, learning to be more comfortable in my own skin will help my vision correction progress immensely. Traveling and having new experiences is actually exactly what I need.

They say Jesus healed the blind, and it was a miracle. You know what’s a miracle? That two years ago I had a prescription of -6 diopters, and now I can function without glasses. And that my vision stopped getting worse! That alone is amazing, and you know what? I’ll take it. Even if I don’t have any more measurable progress for a long time.

You might not hear from me for a while, as this next phase of personal development will not be directly related to vision correction, and it will be slow. I’m thinking of starting a new blog soon, dedicated to my personal development as well as general thoughts and the happenings of my life. If you decide to join me there, I hope it will be an inspiring and encouraging place for you to be. You can find the link here once I’ve got it started up.

Whether you follow me to my new blog or not, I hope you will continue to pursue your own vision correction and personal development. Vision correction will always be on my radar as I slowly overcome the underlying insecurities behind my myopia. I wish you well, friends, and I will update you if I have any big news.

Here is my summer update video, in case you missed it:

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