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Frequently Asked Questions

    cataract surgery done in one eye?
    1)why do i need bifocals now
    2)in 2 months from now i will e going for the surgery for the other eye so will this one be nneeding bifocals too
    3)Can i go for lasik after a doing this surfery

    • ANSWER:
      Cataract surgery removes the natural lens and, in most cases, replaces it with a plastic implant. The implant (again, in most cases) is focused for one distance. The most common technique is to select an implant that reduces a person’s need for distance glasses. However, this means that things up close will be blurry without a reading prescription. Some patients elect to be left nearsighted so that they can read without glasses, but this leaves them blurry and requiring distance glasses.

      Cataract surgery can reduce a person’s need for glasses, but is not as accurate as laser vision correction. 3 months after your second surgery, you can go to an eye center that does Lasik. Most places offer a free consultation appointment to see if you are eligible for surgery. However, even after Lasik, your eyes would be focused for near or far, but not both, meaning you would need some form of corrective lenses no matter what you do.

      Good luck!

free natural vision correction techniques

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