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acid refluxAcid reflux is also known as heartburnAcid reflux is not at all a fatal problem but it is very painful and hampers your everyday work. If you suffer from acid reflux for a long time, you will lose zeal to do your daily work, you will lose energy and it will gradually make you obese.

Acid reflux happen when digestive juice created in stomach wants to flow up. Causes of this problem is mainly a few indiscipline in our life. Some people have habits of eating too much spicy and oily food, some eat foods after a long gap and some of them only eat lots of food and do not do any body movement. These people suffer from acid reflux. But there are some people with poor digestive quality.

They also suffer from acid reflux or acidity. Acid reflux can be created as a side effect of some medicines. To cure acid reflux you will get some digestive or antacid type medicines which may give you some quick relief. But regular use of these medicines makes you dependant on these medicines. Regular use of these medicines for a long time may be harmful for your kidney. For this reason it is better to cure acid reflux naturally. This article will give you a few tips on natural cure for acid reflux.

Best Natural Cures For Acid Reflux

Drink Enough Plain Water Daily To Flush Out Acids From Your Body

First of all to cure acid reflux naturally you have to drink lots of plain water every day. Drink adequate water (8-10 glasses) everyday to get rid of acidity. Water helps to flush out acids created inside your stomach. Drink enough water at first before eating any food if you have long gap in between two foods.

waterBut do not drink lots of water immediately after taking food. It disturbs peptic juices to digest the foods and gear up the problem of acid reflux. Wait at least half an hour to drink the water after taking your meal especially when you have acidity problem.

Eat Puffed Rice To Soak Acid

Eat puffed rice when you have acidity problems. Puffed rice soak the acid created in stomach and thus, it stops the upward flow of acids. As, in this process it does not reach esophagus, it do not create any burning sensation.

Fennel Seed To Cure Acidity

Fennel seed is excellent to cure acidity. Chew a teaspoon raw fennel seed every time you take food. It will help to cure acid reflux as well as it will remove the food odor from inside of your mouth.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel water also helps to cure acid reflux. Soak some fennel in a glass of water overnight and drink that water in the morning at empty stomach. It will help you a lot to cure acid reflux.

Chew Cumin Seeds to Reduce Burning Sensation

When you feel the problem of acid reflux take a teaspoon white cumin seeds, chew it and drink a glass of cold water. It helps to cure acidity as well as burning sensation of esophagus.

Eat Black Pepper to Digest Food

Black Pepper

Black pepper is an excellent natural medicine of acid reflux. Take 2-3 seeds of black pepper. Chew it and drink ½ cup of cold milk or cold water. It will help you a lot to cure acid reflux naturally. Use lots of black pepper powder on your food when you have acidity problem. You will be benefited.

Practice Yoga and Exercise Daily to Cure Poor Digestive System

Everyday exercise is needed to cure acid reflux naturally. Exercise helps to digest food properly. For this reason practice some free hand exercise and yoga everyday. It not only helps to digest food, it also helps to control the secretion of the digestive juices.


Do not go to bed immediately after taking major meal. Walk slowly for 20-25 minutes after taking food or sit to read books. Practice this routine. This helps you to get rid of acid reflux effectively and naturally.

Daily Exposure To Vitamin D Helps To Cure Acid Reflux

Exposure to vitamin D is needed for the good digestion of food and to overcome the acid reflux problem. Sun light is the best natural source of vitamin D. exposure to sun for 15-20 minutes daily is needed to cure acid reflux naturally. For this reason walk on your roof or in your garden in the early morning when the sun light is not very hot.

As the day gradually rolls the sunlight becomes hot and it may burn your skin instead of curing acid reflux. Follow these tips and soon cure acid reflux naturally. But, if the problem aggravates or persists, immediately consult a doctor and take medicines according to his or her prescription.

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