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Acid RefluxA common everyday problem which most of us have at some time or the other is acid reflux disease.  The conditions are often ignored but if not taken care of on time, this condition can actually interrupt your day to day activities.  There are several medicines like antacid pills which help to take care of and  treat the condition, but it is also recommended to try out home remedies for the same, which not only offers quick relief but also helps in preventing the future attacks.

These are simple and can help anyone irrespective of age. These home remedies are very effective  in the long run and are without any kind of side effects – so no additional worries when you desire to try them out.  Here are some such home remedies which you can try out and benefit.

Home Remedies For Acid Reflux Disease

Drink Plenty Of Water

As soon as you start experiencing acid reflux symptoms or even if you have a tendency to develop it often, drinking plenty of water actually helps.

Drink plenty of Water

Drink at least 2 glasses of water after every meal. It helps in washing down the acid which tends to make its way towards the esophagus.

Drink A Glass Of Milk


As soon you experience the symptoms of acid reflux have a glass of cold milk, it will offer you immediately relief.  Those who suffer from regular acid reflux problem, can have a glass of cold milk regularly after their meals. It will ensure that symptoms do not arise in any condition.

Have A Glass Of Baking Soda After Heavy Meals

Baking Soda

In a glass of water add a spoon of baking soda and mix well. Drink this as soon as you feel the discomfort and whenever you have heavy meals which may seem difficult to digest.  The alkaline baking soda will neutralize the acid and it will remove all chances of acid reflux.

Avoid Certain Foods – Restrict Your Diet

You should avoid some drinks and foods which can cause acid reflux. This is specially recommended for those who have a tendency to suffer from such conditions for long. Common triggers of acid reflux are fatty or fried foods, chocolate, alcohol, tomato sauce, caffeine, garlic,  and even too much consumption of onions.

Have A Spoon Of Honey Everyday

Honey is known for its several medicinal properties. You can have a spoon of honey mixed with a cup of cold milk whenever you feel the symptoms of acid reflux.


Your discomfort will vanish in no time, no matter how much heavy food you have. Honey will also help in your digestion process, quickly and effectively.

Drink A Solution Of Cider Vinegar

Cider Vinegar

A glass of water and 2 teaspoons of cider vinegar needs to be mixed well. Let this solution rest for some time and then you can consume this just after a heavy meal. It will help to take care of digestion, even heavy meals and will prevent acid reflux disease from arising.

Have some Bananas Daily


Bananas are great remedies for acid reflux and are known since ages to take care of acidity. You can consume 2-3 bananas with a pinch of cinnamon and little bit of sugar for added taste. This is an effective home remedy since ages which takes care of digestion and prevents the formation of acids.

Have Plain Ice-Burg Lettuce

Wash ice-burg lettuce well and have at least 4-5 leaves as a part of your diet. You can have this as a salad for your lunch or when you start getting the symptoms of acid reflux.


Your discomfort will cease within 20 minutes. It will help you to stay fit and slim while taking care of complete digestion.

Have Grated Ginger Everyday

Grate some fresh ginger and have a teaspoon of it mixed with a little bit of water. Just gulp it down and you will get relief within 30 minutes.


You can carry dried ginger too, especially when you are traveling which will take care of the digestion process and remove chances for acid reflux.

Drink A Glass Of Vegetable Juice Every Morning

People who suffer from acid reflux disease regularly need to have the juice of fresh vegetables every day and preferably with breakfast.

Vegetable Juice

Prepare the juice using vegetables such as spinach, radish, beet, celery, kale, carrots and cucumber. Your acid reflux attacks will significantly reduce.

Eat frequently – Smaller Meals Recommended

Do not eat after big intervals because when we do this we tend to overeat. Do not allow your body to overwork with the digestion process. Have smaller meals and snack healthy foods in between. This will relax your system and give it more time to digest even heavy food.

Have Roasted Or Boiled Potatoes With Meal


Try having at least 2 boiled or roasted potato with every meal. Potato has an alkaline nature and is very effective in combating acidity which occurs in the system, especially after the consumption of heavy meals. Potatoes are filling and will take care of your digestive system.

Chew Fennel Seeds Whenever You Feel Symptoms

Fennel Seeds

Chew half teaspoon of fennel seeds just after consuming a heavy meal. Fennel seeds help in keeping away acid reflux as they contain anethole which helps in suppressing stomach spasms and controls acid reflux effectively. This is one of the reasons why chewing fennel seeds after meals is a common practice in many cultures.

Be Active As Much As You Can

Never lie down after you eat as it reduces your metabolic rate and your body takes more time to digest and break down fatty meals.


After your lunch do some light work, go for a walk or watch television instead of lying down or taking a nap. Similarly, have an early dinner and sleep at least three hours after your dinner. You need to give your body time to digest food.

Stop Worrying And Stay Relaxed

One of the main reasons for acid reflux is stress and worry. So, if you suffer from frequent acid reflux problems, stop worrying as it will aggravate your problem further. Try to meditate, hear some good music or travel to keep your mind away from all stress and tensions. The happier you stay the healthier you will be.

Try any one or all the above home remedies for acid reflux and you will surely get relief from the discomfort.

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