Try These 6 Natural Treatments For Relieving Your Eczema …

March 30, 2013 author

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By James Kupe

If you suffer from any form of eczema, you know it can be one of the most painful skin diseases anyone could have to live with. The pain and inflammation, the soreness and swelling, and that damn itching can drive you crazy. And while eczema can range from the occasional flare up to much more severe cases, spending one minute longer suffering from this terrible condition is simply too long.

Of course eczema is extremely sensitive to touch, which makes it very difficult to treat effectively. But when it comes to babies and young children, they can really suffer badly because they don’t understand that scratching all the time makes the pain even worse. That only serves to make children even more irritable and unhappy, and puts your whole family into a constant state of anxiety, wishing you could do something about it.

While the good news is that there are occasionally people who outgrow eczema, the majority of people with the condition will suffer with it in some form for the rest of their lives. And while it’s possible to continue working, sleeping and participating in other activities when you have eczema, most people would love to find a cure if there was one available.

While doctors and skin specialists agree there is no cure for eczema right now, there several things we can do to manage the symptoms.

Here are 6 natural remedies which are a good place to start. They include:

1 – Drinking as much water as possible, because water helps to hydrate your skin and allows it to retain extra moisture. If you drink 2 liters of water each day, this can help to keep both your body and your skin well hydrated

2 – Taking bad-bacteria fighting probiotics can often be very helpful, especially for children, and probiotics have been shown to lower the chance of eczema outbreaks in some people

3 – Using virgin coconut oil along with natural supplements including vitamin E and C can aid to repair even badly damaged skin. The anti-oxidant properties of these vitamins, when combined with the very high moisturizing effect of coconut oil, can be quite helpful in treating eczema

4 – Keeping fingernails and toenails short, especially for children, because this can minimize the chances of scratching and making the condition worse

5 – Knowing what types of food can cause an eczema breakout for yourself or others in your family, and avoid them to minimize the chances of triggering an outbreak

6 – Selecting a good quality natural moisturizing cream instead of cheaper brands can help to keep moisture in your skin so it doesn’t dry out. In addition to this, always use gentle soaps when you are washing your face, hands and body. Avoid using harsh detergents or alcohol based products because these can quickly cause eczema to flare up if your skin is susceptible.

As you can see by this list, I’ve tried to include all-natural options because it’s always safer using natural remedies if you can. You’ll have a lower possibility of experiencing side-effects if the products and treatments you are using aren’t full of harsh ingredients or chemicals.

I hope these ideas have been of some help to you if you suffer from eczema. Since right now there is no cure for this condition, we just have to try to deal with the symptoms as best we can. If we can make life with the disease as bearable as possible, at least we can get on with our lives, and hope that one day, somebody will find us a cure.

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