Homeopathic treatment for Infant with Eczema and Cradle Cap- a …

I can’t thank Dr. Sonal enough for the help she has given my son since we first saw her, when he was around four months old and suffering from eczema and cradle cap.  I had to always put baby mittens and hats on my infant, as he would continually scratch himself until he bled on different parts of his body. It was heartbreaking.

                          I had seen other doctors and skin specialists who recommended putting steroid creams on the affected areas and was advised, he would most likely grow out of it.  I was fortunate enough to be given Dr Sonal’s details . My first appointment,  changed my thoughts on homeopathy instantly.  Within a few moments of looking at my son’s skin,  Dr. Sonal recognized that he had allergies and advised me to stop eating certain foods as I was breast feeding. Dr. Sonal explained that the allergens were transferring to him through my breast milk. She gave me homeopathics to heal the rashes and advised me to continue breast feeding as this is the healthiest most natural option for all babies,  especially  for babies with allergies. 

          Within a few weeks his skin improved dramatically and my worries subsided. Now 2.5 years old, my son does not have eczema. There are still certain things that suddenly cause a skin reaction. We occasionally visit Dr. Sonal for this.  Dr. Sonal takes the time and asks many questions regarding different aspects of my son’s life, such as diet, his moods and living environment, to get a more rounded view to why the reactions occur.  Along with Homeopathy, her advice on diet and what to avoid has been a  great help to not only my son, but to my whole family.  I have highly recommended Dr. Sonal to several mums who have babies and small children suffering from skin conditions.

Many thanks for your continuing support and advice Dr. Sonal.


JM, Pokfulam, Hong Kong July 2013 


Please note photos are of other clients with baby acne, dermatitis, eczema and not Ms. M’s child who also had cradle cap – Dr. Sonal

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