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Keratin hair treatment at home – Hair straightening technique continues to provide innovation in the presence of keratin hair treatment method. Many are recognizing that this method can provide a natural alignment results, smooth and shiny.

What is Keratin?
Keratin is a fibrous protein that is located in the epidermal cells and is a constituent substance hair and fingernails. Hair consists of at least four types of keratin are arranged in two layers: soft core hard core keratin in the keratin. Keratin composition is different in each person. Keratin also has three types of bonding (hydrogen, salt linkages, and sulfide) are very powerful and can only be shared with a permanent wave solution, which has a very high pH.

How is Keratin Treatment?
Keratin hair treatment will tie your hair’s natural keratin at extremely high temperatures to create a new keratin bond. The result is hair that is straight, shiny and luxurious look. Keratin treatment is also free to react with other chemicals, such as in the treatment of keratin or hair care products.
Keratin treatment is working up to the roots of the hair, making naturally straight hair, making naturally curly hair, stiff hair more manageable and also keep it straight with just one arrangement.

What is Keratin Hair Straightening?
Currently keratin-based hair straightening are very popular. This method can fill the gap between the damaged cuticles, dry or damaged. Then mixed with formaldehyde, and applied to the hair, and then sealed with a flat iron is hot. Formaldehyde helps bind keratin molecules, which straighten your hair and keep it straight.
The results of keratin-based hair straightening about two and a half months. And the process takes about 90 minutes or more.

Can we Coloring Hair While doing Keratin Treatment?
Yes, it could. You can dye your hair as usual. But it should be done before treatment keratin staining. Because when coloring hair, no hair keratin is disturbed. Many women feel that blowing or change hair styles easier after keratin treatment.

How Long Keratin Treatment can last?
To perform this treatment usually takes about 2 to 3 hours. The result you can enjoy approximately 3 to 6 months

How much does it cost?
In some salons, the cost is quite expensive, depending on where you live and how long your hair.
Basis method of straightening hair with keratin treatment is probably something new for us, therefore, consult your hair stylist.

The dangerous of Keratin and Hair Dyes
If you are happy to take care of your hair at the salon, consider whether the products you use are safe for your hair.
This effects of these hazards occur may not be the same for each person, but you need to be aware of as well.

Keratin-based hair care can indeed refine your matted hair. This treatment is often claimed to be free of formaldehyde (formalin).
However, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) found that high concentrations of these chemicals. Long-term exposure to formaldehyde can cause cancer.
As an alternative, use the hair conditioner and a vise to give the effect of straight hair. The result was not durable, but guaranteed more secure.

Several studies have shown, women slightly more likely to suffer from leukemia or lymphoma if they use permanent hair dyes, especially for dark colors. However, other studies have found, it has nothing to do.
Existing, closely connected with the hair dye breast cancer.
Alternatively, use a vegetable hair dye, which contains vegetable dyes. There are some drawbacks, of which the color changes are not dramatic and rapid color fading.
When you do the highlights, use a special hat or hair wrapping foil to prevent dye touch the scalp, so chemicals are not absorbed by the skin.

Although the keratin hair treatment is a good way to get the soft hair, straight, and smooth but you can’t ignore the side effects of the hair treatment. Read ahead to find out some short-term side effects and long-term care of the hair keratin.

You can’t wash the Hair Over 72 Hours
You can’t wash your hair for 72 hours after you take Keratin hair treatment. This is an important to do because of side effects of keratin treatment can interfere with your daily activities. And if your hair perming because no matter what you do, you will need to straighten it back soon. Another thing is that you can’t bind your hair for at least 72 hours after the keratin treatment.

Super Straight Hair
Your hair may look super-straight after you get a keratin treatment. It will make you look weird overall. The best way is to avoid social gatherings for several days after treatment.

Eye and skin irritation
Other side effects of keratin hair treatment are allergic reactions that may occur. Some people may appear rash and itch. Other people may get skin and eye irritation.

Cancer Risk
One of the long-term side effects of keratin hair treatment is that it can cause cancer. This is because in the keratin treatment contained formaldehyde, a chemical known to cause cancer in humans.

Hair Loss
After several wash after this hair treatment, you may begin to notice that your hair is thinning. Hair loss is an important side effect of keratin hair treatment.

Hair Damage
The cause of keratin hair treatment, your hair may be damaged and looks chaotic. The treatment effect may last for up to five months, after which your hair will start to look untidy.

Lifestyle Changes
Once you do this treatment, you should to retouched your hair at least once in three months. So, you have to spend money and waste time for frequent visits to the salon. This is a long-term side effects of keratin hair treatment.

Alternate for Keratin Hair Natural Treatment at Home
In doing hair treatment, using herbal ingredients are safer than using chemical drugs which have side effects. There are a variety of herbal ingredients that can be used to treat the hair, such as aloe vera, honey, olive leaf and others.

Here are some herbs that can be used for hair care and treatment.

Henna leaf
Henna is a traditional ingredient that many were used for hair care. Henna is useful for hair growth. In addition, henna can also be used as a natural hair dye. Henna mixed with other herbal ingredients such as gooseberry and lemon juice is very good to deal with hair loss.

Coconut milk
Coconut milk can also be used for hair care. Coconut milk can make smoother and healthy hair. Coconut milk is heated first before being used for hair care by massaging warm coconut milk into the hair for half an hour.

Aloe vera
It is common knowledge that aloe very good for hair care. Gel contained in aloe vera is very good for the hair growth. I have more written about Aloe vera hair treatment in this blog, found in search box above.

Neem leaf
Hair loss can occur due to follicle damage caused by infection. This infection can be removed by using water boiled neem leaves are boiled for about 5 minutes. In addition to hair loss, neem can also be used to treat dandruff.

Olive leaf
Other herbal ingredients which are useful as hair care olive leaf. Olive leaf is useful for treating hair loss. Vinegar plus olive leaf powder can cope with hair loss. If you want practical, you can use olive oil, please read hair care tips with olive oil.

Egg yolk and honey
Mixture of egg yolk and honey can also be used for hair care. This mixture is useful for hair growth. Hair care in this way can cause a fishy smell in the hair. The fishy smell can be removed with lemon juice. For more complete writing please visit egg yolk hair treatment.

So, no need expensive hair treatments. There are many herbs that can be used to treat the hair. However, hair care is not just limited to direct treatment to the hair. Hair also needs nutrients. Foods containing protein are good nutrition for hair.
Avoid chemical hair treatment and doing natural hair treatment for healthy hair. Cheers!

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