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    Questions about birthmark removal?
    Well I have a “birthmark” on my face it’s kinda like an abnormally large freckle. it’s like exactly the size of a lentil bean. it’s on my left cheek and it causes me to be really self conscious and makes me feel really bad about myself :( so…
    1. how much would it cost to remove it surgically?
    2. any home remedies that might work?
    also i’m afraid of being judged by people like “oh wow she got it removed that’s weird” or something like that i dont know if that makes sense… will they judge me?

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    Is my daughter’s mole cancerous?
    My 2 1/2 year old daughter was born with 5 cafe-au-lait birthmarks- some quite large, others small. One on the back of her neck has developed a darker raised spot on it. Is this a normal change for a birthmark? The birthmark is otherwise symmetrical, a little larger than a pencil eraser, and light brown in color. I’ve read that skin cancer in children is very rare, so I’m not sure that I should jump to conclusions.

    • ANSWER:
      You really should go see a doctor straight away to get your advice from a qualified doctor. Once you know what kind of mole your daughter has, there are options on how to remove it so that your little girl doesn’t have to have invasive surgery.

      If you want to remove a mole, you could try using a natural mole remover. Natural mole removal creams are very effective and less invasive than laser mole removal or incision surgery and can be done safely at home. Your chances of getting a big scar will be a lot less with a natural mole removing cream, as there is no incision. If you opt for surgery to remove your mole, there is a chance that there will be a big scar, even if the mole is not very big.

      Here’s a good site with plenty of testimonials from people who have used natural mole removing creams. It reviews the top natural mole removing creams so that you can make an informed decision, as well as having a lot of useful information on moles:

      good luck!

birthmark removal cream review

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