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Is it even possible to surpress DHT without having to order shit from the russian mafia on the internet or risk side effects?

Jesus christ on a ****ing stick, where are the effective treatments? How hasn’t science sorted this out by now?

We can go to the ****ing moon and discover the god particle but we can’t keep some ****ing keratin strands coming out of our scalps?

Are you trolling me, science?

All those promising ‘cures’ have turned out to be non starters, histogens failed, the others are lackluster at best and there’s nothing even remotely promising around the corner, nothing.

It boggles the mind that pharma companies aren’t on this like a bunch of fat kids on a free chocolate cake.

The more suspicious might think they’re making too much money from the crappy treatments we have to find a ‘cure’, but that just doesn’t hold weight for me.

They make a paltry sum from propecia and rogaine, I believe it’s less than a billion a year?

That’s pocket change to these companies, considering there’s multiple manufacturers of the products too.

Is there any hope?

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