Factors affecting compliance with psoriasis treatment – NewsFix.ca

Asurvey reveals that there are many reasons why patients do not stick to treatment regimes for psoriasis.
There are various treatment options for people with psoriasis, a chronic skin condition. These range from simple topical treatments to oral drugs with toxic side effects. But for the treatment to work, the patient has to take it and that doesn’t always happen.

Researchers at The General Infirmary, Leeds, England, looked at factors affecting compliance in a group of 201 patients. Overall compliance was 60 per cent, with women being more likely to adhere to their treatment regime than men. Adherence was greater for topical or combined therapy, for one daily treatment and for first-time treatment.

The reasons for not complying included drinking alcohol, feeling fed up, forgetfulness and being too busy. Since psoriasis, like other chronic skin diseases, causes psychological distress, it’s important that patients should get support on sticking with prescribed treatment, even if it means changing the treatment regime.

Source: Factors affecting compliance with psoriasis treatment – NewsFix.ca