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Yup.  Probably multiples.  While they travel through my body, they are making me feel like I am going to die or maybe just hoping that I’ll pass out from the pain.  But, that’s not what I really want to write about today… I just wanted to whine a little first.  :-)

Okay… it’s really “I have a dream…” day… 50 years ago Martin Luther King Jr. stood up and spoke these words:

I thought about just copying and pasting the text, but watch it (17 min and 29 sec).  You’ll get so much more out of it.  SO MUCH MORE.

One of the things that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke about what the significance and importance of non-violence.  I’m going to share a picture stolen from one of my favorite bloggers who stole it from somewhere else:photo (3)

How can this man, a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize and the President of the United States of America, a citizen of the greatest country on our planet, a husband and a father, stand up and praise the work of the great Dr. King and support the violence that he not only condones but orders to occur around the world?

In another interesting way of remembering Dr. King, one journalist asks who would Dr. King be today:


Read it.  It’s fascinating.  I don’t think Dr. King would have approved of the violence perpetrated by the US government or the lost of civil liberties that we are all experiencing. “Let freedom ring!”


His message is still relevant today in so many methods and views:  for gay rights, for women’s rights, for civil liberties, etc… I could go on and on.  ”Let freedom ring!”


“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up” he said that day infront of thousands of people.  I too have that same dream… that this nation will rise up and demand that the people who create our laws and policies are also subject to them.  ”Let freedom ring!”


I dream that our children and our children’s children can get an education from teachers who are truly able to teach them to think for themselves and not  how to fill in bubbles on a scantron sheet.

I dream that people from all over the world will “join hands” and work together for the health and well being of our planet and our species.

Sit down with your children and watch this amazing speech.  Teach them about our history so that it doesn’t repeat itself.  Be proud to be an American, today and every day.

Thank you, Dr. King.  Thank you.  Thank you for reminding us all to dream.

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