How To Pass Kidney Stones | Kidney Stone Removal

Let’s get to know more about kidney stone surgery by first understanding a little more about kidney stones. It’s now possible to learn more about how to pass kidney stones. Surgery is only one method of kidney stone removal. There are other solutions available.
You could choose other kidney stone removal methods if you are not comfortable with the invasive nature of surgery. There is natural treatment available to flush out the harmful stones.
Four different types of kidney stones exist. Calcium stones are some of the most commonly occurring. The accumulation of excess calcium leads to the formation of these types of stones.
Calcium is part of healthy meals, but not all calcium is utilized by the bones and muscles. Most times, the excess calcium taken into the body gets flushed out through the urine.
People having the calcium variant of kidney stones have retained the surplus calcium accumulated inside the kidney. Waste products in the kidney combine themselves with the extra calcium and form into calcium stones.
Calcium Oxalate is the most frequently occurring combination of this waste and calcium. Struvite stones are the second type of kidney stone generated.
Struvite stones get created most times after an infection within the urinary system in the body. Ammonia and magnesium are components of this type of stone.
The next type of kidney stone known as the Uric acid stone is also generated within the system. This type of stone gets formed when too much acid is contained within

the urine. Folks who have this variant of kidney stones are usually advised to reduce the quantity of meat they consume.
The fourth type of kidney stone which forms is known as the cystine stone. They are not very common. Cystine is part of the formation process of muscles, nerves and other parts of the body.
Tunnel surgery is one of the known surgical procedures for getting rid of these stones. It involves the doctor making a small cut in the patients back. A narrow tunnel is then created through the skin to where the stones can be found within the system.
The doctor dare after, inserts a special instrument through the tunnel to reach the stones. With the help of the instrument, the stones are then removed from the kidney. This process is known as Percutaneous nephrolithotomy.
Ureteroscopy is another surgical procedure used in the removal of kidney stones. A device known as the Ureteroscope which looks a lot like a long wire is used. This device is slotted into the Urethra. The instrument has attached to it, a miniature camera. This camera makes it possible for the doctor to see the stones. A “cage” is then used in removing the stones. The stones could also be destroyed with the aid of another device inserted inside the Ureteroscope.
Learning how to pass kidney stones increases your knowledge about kidney stone surgery and other methods of getting rid of the stones. Natural treatment is also well recommended.

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