Kidney Stone Treatment Is Expensive – Avoid Them, or Treat Them …

Very often, kidney stones have no symptoms at all, but it really depends on its size. If a stone is large, then it will eventually start causing problems, by blocking the urinary tract and causing pain and further complications. Below are the classic signs of a kidney stone

The first sign of this is normally pain, blood in the urine, and possibly nausea and vomiting.  The pain can be located in the kidney area in the lower back or in the abdomen.  Very often you will feel like you need to urinate frequently and when you do try to pass water, it hurts and little or nothing comes out.

They are an accumulation of minerals and calcium, and as they are very often jagged, Kidney Ultrasound as the move along the urinary tract they can cause damage, leaving the tract open to infections, called UTI (urinary tract infection).  A urinary tract infection may cause nausea, vomiting, chills and a fever, so it’s something that needs to be seen to.

An IVP, retrograde pyelogram or CT scan can be used to detect the stone. A test normally involves injecting dye into the tubes that Kidney Stone Treatment Is Expensivecome from the kidney into the ureter.

Urine analysis is an effective way to find stones in the kidneys, and involves testing the Ph levels of the urine.   If results are inconclusive, then an abdominal radiograph will be performed which will show exactly where the stone is located.

Today the most commonly used technology used to detect a kidney stone in a pregnant woman is ultrasound and is being used more often than X-rays, because of the side effects of the low dose radiation produced by an X-ray. An ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to detect the problem. However very small stones can not be apparent by using the ultrasound method.

When you explain your symptoms to a doctor, he will more than likely know what the problem is immediately and give the appropriate kidney stone treatment from there.  The first step will be to see a specialist called a urologist.

Kidney stones can be a hereditary problem and are more likely to be found in men than women.  Men’s urinary tracts are far more complicated than a woman’s, and the stone has to travel a lot father to be expelled, giving it far more opportunity to damage on its way out.  Therefore infection will also be more common in males who suffer from this problem.

If you keep getting kidney stones, it may be a good idea to look at your eating habits and especially fluid intake.  Drinking sodas frequently has been found to cause problems and also certain medications tend to make the problem worse, so talk to your doctor about the medications you are taking, if, after changing your eating habits completely, that has not made a difference.

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