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If you have ever suffered from a kidney stone, you know most people would likely do anything, anything, to be get immediate kidney stone pain relief.

First, you experience pressure in your abdomen or lower back. Soon, this pressure begins to build. Nausea is experienced as well as the escalating discomfort.

Before long, this pressure builds to an overwhelming cramping, awful agony. This pain so extreme you have to gasp, double over, and frequently cry out. Unfortunately, you are going through what thousands and thousands of others fear… a kidney stone.

  • “Horrific!””
  • “I wanted to die”
  • “Certainly the most extreme situation that ever happened to me”
  • “It really is just like a blade being stabbed in your bowels, then twisted”
  • “Even worse than giving birth”

Over 3 million people visit health care providers and there are over 500,000 emergency visits because of kidney stones.

So Where Do Kidney Stones Come From?

The actual truth is, doctors understand exactly where the associated pain comes from; however, they are not sure where the actual stones themselves come from.

Your kidneys filter your blood, produces urine, dispose of waste from your body, and help control your essential electrolyte levels. To start, your kidneys generate urine, which in turn then continues to pass through your ureter, bladder, and uretha.

In many people, minerals crystallize in the urine and create what is the beginning of a stone. Most stones, when they are small, actually pass out of the body undetected. When these deposits get bigger is when you could possibly encounter problems. When in the kidney, these deposits rarely lead to problems.

But whenever they enter the ureter, this is when things can get unpleasant.

The very first sign this has happened is a cramping in your lower back or abdomen. Nauseousness and vomiting is very common.

When in the ureter, the stone acts like a dam and as the kidney continues pumping out urine, the urine gets blocked by the stone, and the kidney and ureter start to swell. And this can result in intense pain.

The muscles in the walls of your ureter try to thrust the stone through. How effectively this functions will depend on on the size and form of the stone. (It is possible to get a kidney infection during this time, if you experience chills or fever you need to immediately contact a medical professional as this situation can be life threatening in a very short time-frame. You don’t really want to mess with an infection, in particular a kidney infection.)

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Excerpt from: Kidney Stone Pain Relief in 4 Easy Steps