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NearsightednessNearsightedness also known as myopia is a common vision condition that affects millions of people. In this condition the objects that are close by are visible but distant objects appear blurry and hazy. Nearsightedness can develop slowly or rapidly and can begin in early childhood. It is commonly diagnosed between the early school years and the teens. People with severe nearsightedness can only see objects that are just a few inches away while those with a mild condition can clearly see objects up to several feet away.

The main symptoms are blurred and hazy vision when looking at distant objects, headaches due to excessive eyestrain, the need to squint to see more clearly and difficulty in seeing while driving. Sometimes people with nearsightedness hold their books very close while reading or need to sit closer to the television. Squinting constantly, rapid and frequently blinking are some of the other symptoms.

Home Remedies For Nearsightedness

Carrot Juice

Carrots are extremely rich in various nutrients which keep the overall body in a state of good health. Along with vitamin A and beta-carotene carrots are packed with lutein and zeaxanthin which improve the optic system and prevent any kind of impairment to the eyes.

Carrot Juice

Vitamin A strengthens the eyes and improves the vision. It also prevents cataracts and night blindness. Extract the juice of fresh carrots and drink two glasses of this refreshing juice daily.

Amla Juice

Grate some fresh amlas and blend with a little water in a mixer grinder. Strain the juice. Take half a cup of this juice and mix two teaspoons of honey with it. Drink this mixture, first thing, every morning.

Amla juice

Amla juice is very good for improving the eyesight. It cures many eye problems and keeps the vision clear and good. This remedy is especially very useful for nearsightedness.


You can eat tender leaves of spinach with salads or drink a glass of fresh spinach juice daily. Put some cleaned and washed spinach into a juice extractor and remove the juice. Drink one glass of spinach juice daily.


Spinach is overly rich in vitamin A and bet-carotene. It also contains high amounts of lutein which protects the eyes and prevents macular degeneration. Its superb antioxidant properties keep the immune system healthy and well functioning.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is very harmful and injurious to health in every way. It can cause the dysfunction of many organs in the body and make it ill and diseased.

Quit Smoking

It weakens the immune system and impairs it function. Smoking adversely affects the eyes and causes the cells to degenerate. It can cause dryness and itchiness and reduce the clarity of vision. If you want to keep your eyes as well as your whole body in good health then you must quit smoking.


Almonds are considered to be very healthy for the eyes. They provide vital nourishment to the eyes and keep them in excellent health.


Grind some almonds to a fine powder. Heat one tablespoon of ghee and add two tablespoons of almond powder to it. Add some lump sugar and eat this mixture every morning.

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