Killeen Eye Care Center | Improving Your Vision With Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses are nothing but corrective lenses that are used to improve the vision. Glass pieces are cut according to the prescription given by the doctor. They are cut in such a way so that when the light enters these glasses, the image that you see on the retina gets focused on the correct place. When the retina comes in contact with this light, it sends the information to the brain and the brain transforms this data into the real image.

Read on to know about the different vision problems, the reason behind them and how eyeglasses can effectively correct them.

There is a problem in the vision when the image focused on the retina is not in the appropriate position; it too far back or too far in. Farsightedness occurs in the former case while nearsightedness happens in the latter. Also, there are many people who suffer from aging vision or astigmatism and they too need the help of an eye specialist. An eye exam will help you determine what exact problem you have and then accordingly you can put on the requisite eyeglasses to correct it.

Eyeglasses are also helpful for people who are having the problem of crossed eyes. In this case, the eyes are unable to focus together. This results in the production of two of the same objects that are seen by the eyes. A person suffering from this condition experiences blurriness while seeing both the objects and none can be seen clearly.

Eyeglasses are used to correct the above mentioned problems by using the right lenses in them. There are basically two types of lenses: the plus lens and the minus lens. In case of farsightedness, a plus lens in convex shape is recommended which focuses the image on the retina. On the other hand, the minus lens in concave shape focuses the image on the retina in case of nearsightedness. The different strengths of these two lenses are utilized to correct the defect of the eyes.

In case you suffer from any vision problems, you must visit an eye specialist immediately before the problem worsens. Get the perfect eyeglasses from your optometrist in Killeen for your vision problems and do not make your eyes suffer any sort of strain. Delaying the visit to your eye care doctor will only worsen the vision and cause further complications in the eye sight.

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