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Astigmatism Cure Eye Exercise : Improve Your Vision Naturally – It seems that very little is carried out to assist our aging society and younger folks to prevent their eyes from deteriorating. Opticians do definitely nofactor to help this within the retail market. They merely keep testing folkss visions until they have deteriorated to a point exactly where they deem they require glasses or contact lenses. Then your eyes start off becoming lazy and much more dependent on the vision aids as you get older and you’ll be aging gracefully. They deteriorate further along with the opticians can sel … Read More

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Improve Your Vision Without Glasses

Improve Your Vision Without Glasses – “The evidence is conclusive…” “Thousands of young men applying for admission to the various branches of the armed forces discovered that they could not meet the visual requirements. As a result of visual training, most successfully passed the visual requirements of the service that had previously rejected them. The evidence is conclusive that optometric methods of visual training improve the acuity of most myopes.” Ewalt, The Baltimore Myopia Control Project. Journal of the American Optometric Association

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