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Alternative Ways To Treat Hemorrhoids

People suffering from a hemorrhoid flare up would find immediate ways on how to get rid of hemorrhoids. Most people these days try to avoid having to undergo surgery just to get rid of hemorrhoids as long as there are other treatment options for them to choose from. Hemorrhoids is a problem encountered worldwide, in fact there are millions of people who suffer from it – about fifty percent of the US population are suffering from external hemorrhoids. Among these people, only 4% of them opt for surgery as their first choice, it’s always the last option for them and usually just undergo it when the pain is too severe and other conservative methods have failed to cure external hemorrhoids. Nevertheless, surgeries aren’t always 100% successful in curing hemorrhoids. There are many cases where people will have a recurrence of hemorrhoids sooner or later in their life even after they have undergone surgery.

Here are a few home remedies to treat the pain and cure hemorrhoids at home and help you avoid having to opt for surgery:

Ice – Ice is a good way of relieving pain and discomfort from hemorrhoids, just directly place it over the hemorrhoid and viola, instant relief! The cooling action of the ice not only relieves pain and discomfort it is also a good way to reduce swelling of the hemorrhoid.

Witch Hazel – It has been clinically proven to help ease the pain felt from irritation and reduce the swelling of hemorrhoids. Using a cotton ball, soak and press on the area while keeping it there for a few minutes – this is to achieve the best results in relieving pain.

Warm Sitz Bath – This is used to for a number of reasons, such as soothing the rectal area, reducing the swelling of hemorrhoids and keeping the area clean to avoid infection. To achieve optimal results, one should have at least three sitz bath a day.

Creams and Ointments – there are over the counter hemorrhoid creams that contain hydrocortisone which are very effective in provide fast and temporary pain relief. These, however, are not designed for long term treatment methods and do not actually cure your hemorrhoid condition but only provide temporary relief.

Vapor Rub – it may sound weird, but vapor rub doesn’t only cure respiratory discomforts but it is also used to treat hemorrhoids because of its natural cool composition. Use a small amount of vapor rub and apply directly on the hemorrhoid, there may be a slight burning sensation felt at first but it will eventually wear off and a soothing sensation will take place, and reduce inflammation. For better results, you can include vapor rub in your warm sitz bath for better relief.

Even if these remedies do not necessarily work to get rid of hemorrhoids completely, using one or two of these can provide you with the relief you need during a flare-up.

The best way to get rid of hemorrhoids is to switch to a healthier lifestyle like sticking to a diet rich in fiber and getting enough exercise.

If a week has gone by and these remedies have not relieved your pain in any way, then now it the time to consult your doctor for other treatment options to get rid of hemorrhoids.
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