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Hemorrhoids is a health condition that affect the private parts of humans mostly the rectum and anus. In the year 2012, hemorrhoids was a health trend in the United States of America. It is estimated that half the population in the USA is suffering from this condition. This can be attributed to the fact that they are more exposed to the causative agents of hemorrhoids. Thee causative agents include the habit of sitting for a long time in the toilets; it is always advisable to squat while attending to the call of nature because as you squat, the rectum is straightened hence exerting less pressure on the veins of the rectum and anus.

hemorrhoid treatmentfirstly one should know that what are hemorrhoids? and how to treat hemorrhoids? However there are many ways to get the best treatment for hemorrhoids. According to themorrhoidtreatmentsecret.com, what causes hemorrhoids in men and women are usually by excessive pressure on the veins in the rectum causing the veins to be detached from the muscles and hence form swellings. Usually, people suffering from the infection do not like talking about it because they are probably embarrassed and their self-esteem is arguably low.

There is a need to find hemorrhoid treatment because of the far-reaching effects the infection has on individuals. A person suffering from the infection is always uncomfortable and hardly concentrates on any important thing because of the pain and itchiness that result from the hemorrhoids. The infection can be treated using both natural and prescribed medicine. These treatments are discussed below.

Use of creams is the most commonly used treatment for hemorrhoids; the creams are usually applied over the affected areas to provide relief from pain and itchiness. Painkillers can also be used to temporarily sooth the pain and enhance conformability.

Hygiene precautions can also be used to treat hemorrhoids. A patient should always take a shower on a regular basis preferably daily. Extra cleanliness should be done on the anal are and the place should be dried after he bath more so using a hair drier. You should also soak the affected area with warm water, as this is believed to help in treating the condition.

Using a dry toilet paper after attending to a call of nature is also believed to elevate the condition. It is always advisable to use we toilet papers and with no alcohol of perfume contents in it.

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