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Natural Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids – Natural Treatments To Treat Hemorrhoids

Have you ever experience swelling, pain in your bottom area, and have difficulty walking around once you have bowel movements. There is a probability that you have hemorrhoids. What are hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids happens when the strain and pressure from bowel movement or lifting heavy objects causes the veins around the rectal area to became inflame and swollen. There are two types of hemorrhoid that one can be diagnosed with – internal, external. Internal hemorrhoid happens inside the rectum whereas the external hemorrhoid affects the skin surrounding the anus area.

Having hemorrhoids are non-life threatening and in fact most people do experience the problem early on in their life. Symptoms can run from mild to severe with bleeding occurring for severe hemorrhoids. Pain, swelling, minute drops of blood, and lumps around the anus area are some of the symptoms of hemorrhoid. Treatments for the health problem also depends on the state the problem is in. For mild cases, doctors would prescribe over the counter creams or corticosteroid to lessen the itchiness and swelling. Suppositories and pads also help. To prevent any side effects, it is best not to extend the use of creams as the creams have side effects that might be harmful to the person.

There are times when blood clot would appear especially if patients have external hemorrhoids. To alleviate the discomfort and pain of the patient, doctors can do a minimal invasive surgery to remove the problem. Other non-surgical procedure includes (a) rubber band litigation (b) injection (c) laser or coagulation technique. On the other hand surgical procedures would include hemorrhoid removal and stapling the hemorrhoid.

Hemorrhoids do not go away completely. As such, it is important to incorporate dietary change and lifestyle modification together with the treatment to make it effective. Prevention, they say, is better than cure. With that, here are some ways to treat one’s hemorrhoid at home :

(1) Soak regularly in a warm bath to decrease the swelling of the hemorrhoid

(2) Eat a diet full of fiber to help assist with the bowel movement

(3) Take supplements to compensate if one’s diet is low in fiber

(4) Increase water intake

(5) Limit salt intake to prevent swelling

(6) Take pain relievers

(7) Use wet towels or soft towels to clean the area.

The list goes on and on, however, these are the most effective ways to take care of your hemorrhoids. Symptoms would usually last a week. For people who find themselves with severe pain or discomfort and changes in their stools, they should check with their doctors and have some test done to ensure their health. This is important as the symptoms might indicate more than hemorrhoid.

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