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Hemorrhoids are a disease that occurs in the anus where his lips had swollen anus is sometimes accompanied by bleeding. Hemorrhoid disease is not only giving pain to the sufferer, but also gives a sense of inferiority and shame for hemorrhoid disease.

In patients with hemorrhoids generally difficult to sit down and defecate due to pain when the mouth rectum or anus sphinchter under pressure. In patients with severe hemorrhoids are sometimes difficult to treat so it can be given a surgical removal of hemorrhoids which can give side effects that sometimes are not good. Hence hemorrhoids need to watch out for and handled properly so easily treated.

Do not ignore and underestimate the hemorrhoids you suffer because you can be made to suffer for life by hemorrhoids that are not addressed properly until the roots. Happy reading articles hemorrhoids from organisasi.org wish you suffering from hemorrhoids can be cured.

Types / Various Kinds Hemorrhoids / Homoroid / Ambeyen

Hemorrhoids or piles are of two kinds, namely hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. In the hemorrhoids in the anal veins are covered by mucous membranes moist. If not treated can be seen emerging protruding outward like external hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids in love there is blood coming out of the anus when the chapter / defecation. If it is severe to stand out and continue to grow as tennis balls should be taken so that surgery to remove hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoids are varicose veins below the muscle that is generally associated with the skin. Usually hemorrhoids are swollen bluish visible bulge on the edge of the anus that feels sore and itchy.

C. The Things / Trigger Factors That Cause or Causes of Hemorrhoids / Piles / Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be caused by the following things below so need to watch out for and avoid:

1. Too much sitting

2. Chronic diarrhea

3. Pregnancy pregnant women due to hormonal changes

4. Descendants hemorrhoid sufferers

5. Sexual intercourse is not uncommon

6. Disease that makes pushing the patient

7. Constipation / constipation / chronic obsitpasi

8. Emphasis return venous blood flow, etc..

D. Typical Characteristics / Symptoms of Hemorrhoids / Piles / Hemorrhoids

Before seriously should we know what hemorrhoids are beginning so that we can treat as early as possible? Usually the patient will experience rectal bleeding with the color of young red blood dripping or flowing through the anus / rectum. Patients will also feel there are bumps on the anus when the chapter so that the patient wills ngeden / straining can aggravate wasirnya. Otherwise it will feel itchy anus is usually caused by viruses and bacteria that make the infection.

E. Overcome, Treat & Cure Hemorrhoids / Ambeyen / Hemorrhoids

To get rid of hemorrhoids completely should you run some tips to cure hemorrhoids as well as consulting with your doctor.

1. Run healthy lifestyle

2. Exercise regularly

3. Eat fibrous foods

4. Avoid too much sitting or hanging out in the loo / toilet

5. Do not smoke, drink alcohol, drugs, etc.

6. Do not engage in sexual activity that is not fair

7. Drinking enough water

8. Do not stop urinating and defecating

9. Do not like excessive rubbing and scratching anal

10. Do not push / mengeden / ngeden excessive

11. If you do not want to poop / chapter should not be forced

12. Sitting bath in warm water

13. Take medications as directed by your doctor

Frequently Asked Questions


    What causes hemorrhoids and what are good hemorrhoids treatments?
    Help i think i have hemorrhoids. I’ve been having bloody stool and anal itching. I asked a friend of mine and they said i might have hemorrhoids. Wtf how would i get hemorrhoids, is that normal. What causes hemorrhoids and what are some hemorrhoids treatments? Do i have to go to the doctor?

    • ANSWER:

      Hemorrhoids are more common than you think. They can be cause by a number of things such as poor dieting and low fiber intake. I believe the most common reason people get hemorrhoids is straining during stool, this causes extreme pressure to the blood vessels in the anal canal and therefor causing swelling which forms hemorrhoids. Usually hemorrhoids are not life threatening so will not likely have to go to the doctor unless the pain is to unbearable. Some people have had to get hemorrhoids surgically removed. As far as hemorrhoids treatments there are many over the counter treatments that can offer temporary relief such as creams, ointments and suppositories. These will offer relief and help prevent flare ups. You can learn more about hemorrhoids treatments and recommendations at http://accesshealthprosperityblog.com/2011/10/07/hemorrhoids-treatments-and-recommendations/
      Hope this helps


    What are good available hemorrhoids home remedies ?
    I am suffering from hemorrhoids from last 1 year. Some times I get cured and again I start blood poop.
    I have used some home remedies for hemorrhoids but it is not happy.

    • ANSWER:

      the best solution to treat Hemorrhoids is to start as soon as possibly . There are a wide variety of natural remedies available which can be applied to treat hemorrhoids so you can stop them from progressing and getting so bad that the only way to deal with them is surgery. These remedies are completely safe and you may find them to be much more effective than traditional medicine as many of them actually cure the problem instead of just treating the symptoms.
      -One favorite used by many people is that of applying banana peel to the area.
      -Fill up your bathtub with warm water and add salt. When it is ready, just lay in the salty water for a few minutes


    What is the best herbal treatment for hemorrhoids?
    I have external hemorrhoids, have had them for about 1.5 years now, and I am just doing some personal research on what the best hemorrhoids treatment is. I’ve read a lot and I’ve boiled it down to a few. Any suggestions? I really want to get rid of these external hemorrhoids forever so please share your experiences!

    • ANSWER:

      Below are some of the most effective herbal ingredients for treating hemorrhoids:

      1. Witch Hazel
      It is basically an astringent that is commonly contained in ointments and creams for relieving hemorrhoids. Witch hazel is a shrub, and the bark and leaf of this shrub is used for reducing inflammation and swelling of external hemorrhoids.

      2. Horse Chestnut
      Horse chestnut seed has countless benefits and it mainly helps in relieving certain diseases that involves the veins. Horse chestnut extract is used these days for treating hemorrhoids. It contains aescin, a special ingredient that helps in reducing pain and inflammation, and also improves the elasticity of the vein, while strengthening the walls of the veins and improving the tone too. It further helps in improving micro vascular circulation and also lessens fluid retention and swelling.

      3. Butcher’s Broom
      Butcher’s broom is an effective herb that belongs to the family of asparagus, and is also used as a vegetable. It contains one of the most crucial ingredients called ruscogenins that helps in narrowing the blood vessels, reduces swelling and inflammation, and also strengthens the walls of veins.

      4. Pilewort
      Pilewort is an ancient English herb that helps in treating the symptoms of hemorrhoids. It is used in the form of a tincture, and is applied directly on to the external hemorrhoid. However, it can be consumed as tea also.Pilewort has certain side effects, though so keep this in mind if you are using it and stop and see a doctor if you feel any negative side effects.

      5. Cranesbill
      It is basically a geranium plant, usually wild in nature, and is native to America. It helps in treating various digestive conditions and has excellent astringent properties for treating hemorrhoids.


    What is the best way to shrink hemorrhoids?
    I have 3 external hemorrhoids, and one or 2 internal ones as well. My life is not very pleasant.
    Recently, they have been very swollen and hurt to the point where it’s difficult to go number 2.

    Any home remedies or things to shrink hemorrhoids, or at least help?
    Note: I’ve already tried Aloe Vera Juice, fiber and plenty of water.

    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:

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    How to treat hemorrhoids in traditional way or alternative way ?
    How to treat hemorrhoids in traditional way or alternative way ?My grandmother is suffering from hemorrhoids need help.

    • ANSWER:

      Hemorrhoids are very annoying thing every time when we have our bowel movement. I know I have seen my father in law suffering from this problem. He was pooping blood stool too. Then one day when searching the internet I found out a site and that was the last painful day for my father in law. I downloaded the eBook and within 2 days he was relived of his hemorrhoids pain.


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