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Nangong did not speak; if, as if unaware of the middle-aged exploration in general. Did I feel? The middle-aged heart is tiny doubt, was clearly from the Nangong one body, found a true volatility. But in an instant but disappeared not the least trace was found., middle-aged people can not help but marvel at, to his eyesight and repair, if said is wrong, it is a little far fetched. But the heart although secretly watching Nangong from, not to continue in the exploration of the surface is what? Not and in a short while, their food is neat, middle-aged people to move chopsticks, the rest of them that have picked up the chopsticks, GLUT oneself with delicacies. Call, finally eat, second, you come here! If Nangong patted the stomach channel. Objective, what order? The second is the timely walked over, asked with a smile. Nangong from pointing to the left on the table, food, simple and honest smile way: the food taste good, the rest of the pack to me, I will take away, back to my wife try, let her learn your craft, later also don’t need to spend money to eat! Uh… A tiny tiny one Zheng, immediately wry smile way: the objective, we are not here for packing food stuff, you let me how to package! So ah! Nangong from the thinking for a moment as if thinking of sth.: that first you have to go, can’t pack, or not wasted, I eat for a while! Speech, to pick up the chopsticks, eat up, causing the waiter a helpless. If Nangong is shining eyes, dark way in heart: since you have doubts, I upset you all the thoughts, so that you don’t know, I was kind of a person! Sure enough, middle-aged people see Nangong if so, is also slightly shook his head, it seems that he is really wrong. After a few moments, and a line of seven people came into the restaurant, this let Nangong if can’t help again surprised, heart fiercely twitch a. His mother, what is all this? Laoshan is the ancient forest what treasure not to become? Thought of here, Nangong is also can not help but if some concern, these people to come to the Dragon Empire, estimation is not any good. The restaurant has recently special business transactions, so there is no other seats, second to see seven people coming, also go up, will be full of the said again. That led the North Face Denali Hoodie Sale people can not help but slightly frowned, and said: brother, we come from afar, worn outafter all the way, already hungry belly, as a convenience, money is not the problem! The waiter smiled: sir you, open the door to do business, not just for the sake of money, but also be a reputation, because if the money away the other guests, we this Canada Goose Yorkville restaurant, what credibility? That led PBI Expedition Parka Canada Goose people can not help tiny tiny one Zheng, did not expect a restaurant waiter, could even say such sense words, let a person have be hardly worthy of belief. He continued: the objective, the city of Laoshan more than our family restaurant, as home to have a look to say goodbye, there may be local or! Well! Thank you very much. The first man nodded, after all, in the face of a civilian, is not worthy of his anger. Even when Yu took them, heading for the door. At this time, the middle-aged man before suddenly stood up.

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