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Are there unwanted moles on your face?Gone are the days, when a mole on any part of your face would worry and stress you to no end. Is your face’s beauty seriously blemished by those moles? There is no need to be worried about them any longer. You can make use of the many mole remover cosmetics, being sold right now or avail the services of cosmetic surgeons.Have you ever heard of mole remover?These mole removers come in the form of creams or liquid-based applications to erase or remove moles on your face. Non-invasive surgery is the method of choice by a lot of people who want to remove their moles without going under the knife. There is a risk of having scarring or marks on the face in cases of surgical procedures, and they can be quite painful, too. That is why they opt to use mole removal creams instead. You just need to follow instructions provided in the creams by manufacturers and apply them on the face or other regions with moles. Do you know that there are certain creams that will show a very good effect even within 24 hours? Give it a few days, and that mole, which had turned into a scab, will just drop off into oblivion. This can seem to be a miracle. However, many mole removal companies produced by reputable manufacturers. More facial mole removal creams are now flooding the market as more and more pharmaceuticals are making them. However, since we are talking about treatments regarding your face and facial skin, a lot of care should be exercised in choosing which cream to use. If your mole remover is not suitable for your face, your problems might be compounded. Thus, consulting a doctor before buying and applying a specific cream on your face would be the best way to go. The main steps that are followed, while using these creams are as follows. First, give a slight rub on the mole you want removed and the area surrounding it. An emery board could easily do the trick.When that is done, wash your face with soap and water. Ordinary soap can be used for this purpose. It should be done using lukewarm water if you want to achieve better results. The use of lukewarm or slightly hot water will effectively open your pores so your skin could breathe, and the dead skin cells can also be removed easily. Application of the cream on the mole comes next. After applying, these regions can be covered with fiber band aid. This is to ensure that the cream will not dry out quickly. For best results, keep the cream on your face or on the affected area for a day or two. Once that period is over, you can remove the fiber band aid. Rinse your face thoroughly and sit back to watch a scab forms around the mole region.There are sites that offer a wonderful discount on the facial mole remover. You can read reviews and do more research on the different brands before finally making your decision which brand to purchase. Seek the opinion of skin specialists before applying mole removal creams, just to get rid of second thoughts and fears. Moles that are confirmed to be cancerous can not be removed by mole removal creams, though. Sometimes, creams can make the situation worst. The surgical procedures will be of great help, when you are dealing with the facial moles that are of the cancerous type.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Home remedy for moles?
    I have some moles on my face and i want to remove them or at least make them smaller, going to a doctor is NOT an option. Just home remedies and how to do them step by step.

    • ANSWER:
      There were totally 15 moles / black spots on my face and body before, I tried this mole remover and most of my moles were gone right now. But please pay attention, don t over use in order to avoid getting scar. Hope it works for you too.

      For more information, please see the following using methods, it is very useful for unwanted moles, beauty marks, black spots.

      10 ML Skin Care non-Laser Removal

      (1) Clean the nevus and the area around it, use a toothpick (do not use a cotton stick to tip or wipe) to mix the liquid and sediment, and then tip a little amount of the mole remover and apply it onto the middle of the nevus. The area would turn to white colour after 1 minute. Use alcohol or water to clean the mole area after 10 minutes (If you tip the amount of mole remover properly, you don’t have to clean). The mole would peel off (May help with finger) in 8 to 20 days. Repeat the process again until the mole peeling off if the colour of the nevus is dark. (it is suggested applying the liquid to nevus on hands or legs first to see the results and learn to control the usage before applying the liquid to other areas of the body, DON’T TRY on FACE for the first time!)

    Itchy mole? Should I be worried?
    I have a mole on my nose that I kind of messed with, used a mole remover but in the end it didn’t work. So the mole remover left me with a rash, and my doctor prescribed me with anti-itch cream. Even though the rash is gone, or almost gone and I’ve been using the cream, I’ve been getting itches around the mole. Not constant itches though. Like every two days, I would get an itchy sensation on the skin around my mole. Should I be worried?

    • ANSWER:
      I have a mole on my back as does my mom, they are in identical spots and every couple of days itch off and on. I have had this itchy mole now for 30+yrs that I can remember. This rotten mole even survived massive radiation therapy to my astonishment. I just try and scratch it as needed and not over do it. The only option is to have it “dug out” of my body and this is a very painful procedure and can take up to a year to heal completely.

      As for worrying, get it checked by a skin doctor and go with their advice. Best Wishes.

mole remover option

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