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Many people have tried for mole removal. But people have their moles removed not for purely cosmetic reasons. There are instances when the moles are cancerous.Moles are commonly seen in people. Those who have moles on the face may find it little embarrassing. But they shouldn’t let that get to them. Moles on the face and other parts of the body can be eliminated without a lot of effort and safely, too. There are a lot of cases where one’s beauty is actually enhanced by moles. If they do, do not remove them. But certain circumstances would dictate the need to approach a doctor for his expert medical opinion. After a medical consultation reveals your moles to be a danger now or even potentially in the future, you should immediately look into ways to get rid of them. A dermatologist or a skin specialist is your best option. There can be sudden color change in moles or sudden change in shape or sudden discharge from the moles. When these changes are noticed, you should immediately pay attention. You cannot take this matter playfully. The color change can be from black to brown or even dark grey. Do not immediately start panicking when you witness these changes. This can be a sign of melanoma or a skin cancer. This medical condition could truly put your life in danger. The following are serious symptoms of cancer waiting to happen.When excessive discharge is coming from the moles themselves, immediately handle the preliminaries in having your moles completely removed. You can go to your physician for his suggestions of safe and easy treatments. Simple home remedies just won’t cut it, when you are dealing with cancerous moles. Some people might even observe bleeding from moles or sense a foul smell. These are a little advanced stages of cancer. However, with the right guidance from experts, it can still be healed. For some, fever is not unheard of. Children’s temperature could spike upwards and go above 101 F while adults could go higher than 100 F. It does not have a direct correlation with the development of moles, though. You might think that it is a normal fever, caused due to internal infection or caused due to a common cold. But there are rare cases where the fever is brought about by melanoma.Other noticeable and abnormal changes can be observed in the size, shape, color, or texture of the mole. Moles can either be flat on the skin or slightly raised. That is nothing out of the ordinary. But if the height or overall dimension is increasing at a very fast rate, then it needs special concern. Sometimes, the pain caused by the increase in the number of moles or increase in size can be excruciating. This can also be used as one of the signs to identify whether the moles are cancerous or not. If you feel in your bones that you are dealing with potential melanoma or skin cancer due to these weird changes in your moles, you should take action immediately. This is a serious situation. You will be opening yourself up to metastasis and eventually severe cancer if you just sit back and do nothing.In order to learn a bit more concerning Skin Tag Remover. Pay a visit to

Frequently Asked Questions

    Does anybody know if it is a possible to remove an unraised mole?
    Although I have heard of several mole removal surgeries, there are all intended for raised/abnormal moles. Personally, I have a mole dead smack on the middle of my face but it is not raised. I am WAY too insecure about it and I was wondering if anybody knew any information about removing a flat, unraised mole. Thanx!

    • ANSWER:
      Go to the doctor and discuss with him. He would know best.

    How can I hide the moles on my face and feel less self-conscious about them?
    Hi everyone,

    I am a 20 year old male and I am very self-conscious about the moles on my face and sides of my neck. I am to the point where I don’t like going out in the sun anymore because I am worried that I will develop more of them and am worried what other people think when they look at me.

    I don’t really have that many on the front of my face, but the sides of my face and neck are pretty covered with moles. They vary in size and color, but there are quite a few of them. I went to a dermatologist about them, but he only removed two because he said he can’t remove them unless they are cancerous. I eventually want to go in and have the laser mole removal surgery done. However, in the mean time does anyone know what I can use to hide the moles on my face and neck? How about using foundation or makeup to hide them? Should I use sunscreen when I am out in the sun to help prevent moles? Does sunscreen really help to prevent them? Please help me out :-)

    • ANSWER:

    What should I expect after mole removal plastic surgery?
    I have to get 2 moles removed and I am wondering what I should expect as in side effects?
    The moles are one on my head and one on my neck. What should I expect from it as in side effects?

    • ANSWER:
      removing moles isent that big gof a deal
      there wont be any pain i garintee it depending of the partof your body it is located
      it will heal in a week or two after your stitches are removen now you can show off your body …..with out the mole :D

    Is it possible to remove moles using a spot corrector cream or serum?
    I am all against surgery, therefore I am contemplating on mole removal via spot corrector cream such as Fair and Lovely Skin Clarity or Garnier Light Dark Spot Corrector. Would such product work or is there any similar products which you’ve tried which produces similar results.

    • ANSWER:
      Those creams won’t work on moles. You need surgery to remove it.

    What should I expect when having a mole removed?
    I’ve been referred to an NHS plastic surgery clinic to have a mole removed – I’ve always had it but in recent years it’s changed so now it sticks out more so looks ugly and keeps catching on my clothing – I’m just wondering what’s involved in mole removal.

    • ANSWER:
      I had three moles removed last year by a plastic surgeon, one on my neck, one on my arm, and one on my forehead. It was pretty quick, and I hardly felt anything, although there was a lot of blood. They used a knife, and some cream to numb the area first. Afterwards, they stitched it up and I was good to go. They were a little sore for a few days and the skin around the stitches felt tight, and I could feel it pulling a little, mostly the one on my forehead. A few weeks later I went to get the stitches pulled out, and that didn’t really hurt either. The scars were itchy for awhile, but I tried not to itch them because it made them sting. I still have a scar on my arm that’s fading, but it looks kinda weird, but the other two scars disappeared completely.

    Do you need a consultation for Laser Mole Removal?
    I tried the NHS to have some moles removed from my face, they effect my confidence and ability to speak to people face to face. But according to the NHS I can go fuck myself, my mental health isn’t worth shit.

    I’ve been looking around for private clinics that offer laser mole removal. Each one says around 90 for a consultation, do I need a consultation? What is a consultation, are they wanting me to pay 90 just so they can tell me I’ll be paying them around 700?

    Is there any other way to have the NHS remove them for free? I thought my mental health would have been a valid reason, but apparently not.

    • ANSWER:
      the NHS in my opinion doesn’t work however the nhs doesn’t do cosmetic unless this comes vice versa with a serious medical condition the way they see it there just moles and unless they were to change colour in skin cancer that would be the only reason they should be removed by yes you will have to pay a consultation as the private doc needs to establish the exact size of the mole and how risky the surgery would be etc depending on location,my advice don’t bother though because new moles develop all the time sadly you could go on forever removing mole after mole after mole :|

    How badly does it hurt to get a mole removed?
    I am getting a mole removed off of the back of my neck and it is a couple of centimeters wide. I am 13 years old and I am kind of freaked out about it. How badly will it hurt? Also, what happens during the procedure?

    • ANSWER:
      That doesn’t sound like a very sensitive place. If it is a simple mole, with no suspicion of cancer, it won’t hurt a lot, and you’ll be happy it’s gone. Ask your doctor whether the removals will be by laser or surgery.

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