Learn How to Pass a Kidney Stone by Raiding Your Kitchen

So you are interested in learning how to pass a kidney stone? Thousands of people, like you, will search the internet today to learn simple tips to treat themselves at home.

In fact, most people will actually pass their kidney stones by simply drinking plenty of water. I hope you have tried that!

In this article, you will learn other ways you pass a kidney stone and most of these tips can be performed by simply heading to the kitchen.

How to Cure Kidney Stones with Food

Water is the best way to pass a stone that is 5 mm or less. However, 6 mm or bigger can create a problem for most individuals. Therefore, you can also accompany water with an assortment of foods that will also help in the home treatment.

Did you know that most kidney stones were created because your body was not able to flush the unused calcium quickly enough? Therefore, it only makes sense that dissolving calcium and flushing it is the best way to treat this disease.

Here are some foods and beverages you should incorporate in your diet ASAP.

How to Pass a Kidney Stone

1. Your diet is important for flushing and dissolving kidney stones. You should eat foods with lots of fiber like fruits and vegetables. Fiber can flush the kidneys. You should try to avoid these foods: apple juice, grapefruit juice, rhubarb, beans, beets, chocolates, nuts, and spinach.

However, you should try to eat vegetables with a high percentage of chlorophyll like asparagus or wheat grass.

2. Staying mobile and exercising is important to keep the body systems working at optimal levels. Try to exercise for at least 30 minutes daily.

3. Taking vitamin supplements can also help the stones pass. For instance, vitamin B-complex and vitamin B-6 can aid in passing kidney stones. You may also wish to supplement magnesium which has also been noted to help kidney stones pass.

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