Kidney Stone Causes: Find Relief With Home Kidney Stone Treatment

Home kidney stone treatment is available for anyone that needs relief from the pain and discomfort of kidney stones. Home treatment is meant for mild or moderate cases of stones. More severe cases should be discussed with a medical professional that can correctly diagnose and treat what causes them. These symptoms include:

  • intense pain in the lower abdomen and groin area
  • blood in the urine
  • frequent and urgent needs to urinate
  • nausea and vomiting
  • fever and/or chills

These symptoms can be signs of larger kidney stones that will not pass by themselves or infection that has developed as a result of the stones. If the condition is severe enough to cause these or more severe symptoms, this may not be the solution to your problem.

Home treatments can be as simple as drinking enough fluids to help the kidneys and bladder pass the stones. In some cases of prolonged dehydration, the stones developed due to the lack of fluid in the kidneys, allowing crystals to form and stick together. Frequent stone sufferers should drink eight to ten glasses of water a day when trying to pass a stone and continue to do this to avoid getting more. This keeps the body hydrated and gives the kidneys enough fluid to flush themselves, passing the stones in the process. For people that are prone to developing stones, they should drink enough water a day to keep their urine clear.

This treatment should not be used by people with severe liver, heart or kidney disease without first consulting a doctor. People with these conditions do not need a large fluid intake and could aggravate their conditions, if they do not speak with a doctor first. Another form of home kidney stone treatment is to use a diuretic. A popular diuretic that can be bought over the counter contains potassium citrate. Potassium citrate can actually help prevent the formation of stones by raising the citrate levels in urine. This keeps calcium oxalate crystals from forming. Calcium oxalate kidney stones are the most common type of stones found.

Home kidney stone treatment can also come in the form of over the counter pain medicine. This does not solve the problem, but can alleviate the pain associated with passing a stone. This medicine is only meant to be temporary. Over the counter pain relief includes Ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve, Advil, Acetaminophen and Aspirin. Another preventative measure to take against stone formation is a low protein diet. Well-balanced meals can help protect the individual for better over-all health and fitness.

Home kidney stone treatment can be a form of relief for the chronic sufferer or for the one that is going through the pain of passing a stone for the first time. These simple home remedies can help treat the stones that have already formed, or prevent the stones from forming in the first place. A home treatment is a cost-effective way to prevent or help cure stones without the added expense of unnecessary doctors visits and expensive medicines.

Excerpt from: Kidney Stone Causes: Find Relief With Home Kidney Stone Treatment