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Acidosis is the reduction of the alkali reserve, due to an excess of acid-forming foods which are incompletely oxidized or poorly eliminated. This leads to the cause of stomach disorders. As Otto Mausert, N.D., states in his book Herbs (Elaine M. Mhur, Eugene, Oregon 97402), the body needs sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Acidosis is the depletion of these alkali reserves.

Loss of appetite, headaches, sleeplessness, acid urine, acid or strong perspiration, acid mouth, sour stomach, lassitude and vomiting.

As Otto Mausert states:

“Stomach disorders–There are different diseases caused by acidosis coming under this heading, but the direct cause is the same for almost all of them. Eating fast, improper chewing, overloading, and eating the wrong kinds of food, are generally responsible for the troubles. The bad habits must be abandoned in order to affect a cure, as there is no medicine that can chew the food properly, or stop anybody from overloading, or prevent one from eating things that are hard to digest.

Food that is not properly masticated is retained longer in the stomach than it should be. As a result, it turns sour and ferments, creating an excessive amount of acid and gas. This in turn causes a great deal of irritation and inflammation on the mucous lining of the whole digestive system or tract. A catarrhal condition gradually sets in, and the lining becomes coated with a thick slimy mucus that interferes with the assimilation of the food. Decomposition and decay result. Poisonous matter therefrom is absorbed, which leads to severe disturbances of the stomach and bowels and gradually the whole system. The result of this is far reaching, as it finally leads to many other diseases to which the human race is heir. It is only too true, that most people dig their own graves with their teeth.

Let me therefore repeat, what we might call the Golden Rule of Health: eat slowly, chew food well, and don’t overload. Eat only plain food, plenty of fresh vegetable matter, salads, ripe fruits. The richer foods, however, such as meat, eggs, starches, sweets, etc., should be taken more moderately and only in proportion to the amount of work one does. In that way the food can be balanced properly and digested more completely. Failure to live up to these simple natural rules will gradually lead to the operating table–but the operation will not remove the underlying cause, and consequently will not bring the desired relief.”

We have another author who is a wise old doctor of the past, who gives his view as follows (Jethro Kloss in Back to Eden, Beneficial Books, Box 404, New York 10016):

“Acidosis Causes–Meats, fish, fowl, tea, coffee, tobacco, alcohol, pepper (cooked), mustard, spices, vinegar, excessive uses of salt, baking powder, soda, jellies, sweet desserts (not the natural sweets), candy, preserves, pancakes, hot breads, pastries, fried foods, irregular eating, eating late at night, excess starch, improperly cooked foods, starchy and poorly baked bread, foods too hot or too cold, and foods cooked in aluminum utensils.”

Herbal Aids:

1.Aids to soothe and speed up the healing are slippery elm gruel, marshmallow root tea, okra, carrot and spinach juice. Peppermint tea is an excellent beverage for this condition. To assist it in its stimulating effect, add six to ten drops of tincture of lobelia, or antispasmodic tincture to each cup of tea. The use of potassium broth is a great aid; spinach juice, mixed with carrot juice, is also excellent.

2.Use the instructions for Dr. Christopher’s Three-Day Cleansing Program and Mucusless Diet, If severe, follow instructions for the Incurables , Avoid Constipation.

The food should be eaten as dry as possible, mixing thoroughly with saliva to a liquid form, not drinking liquids with the meals. The drier the food is eaten, the sooner the acid condition can be overcome. Chew! Chew! Chew! so that your food is liquified before swallowing. Sodium and magnesium foods such as oranges (whole, not the juice), beets, carrots, celery, cucumbers, okra, radishes, apples, cherries, strawberries, coconuts, figs, prunes, string beans, spinach, should be eaten in abundance.

3.Parsley: This is good for acidosis.

4.Juices used for acidosis: Spinach, celery & spinach, celery & beet, carrot, tomato.

5.Green Bell-Shaped Pepper: It is especially good for liver disorders, obesity, constipation, high blood pressure and acidosis.

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