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While trying to sleep at night, many people have felt a burning sensation in the chest. Often, this symptom is termed as acid reflux. It is a problem which involves the esophageal sphincter not closing properly, and allowing stomach contents to come back to the esophagus. This is known as reflux. Acid reflux causes a severe burning sensation inside the chest and an acidic taste in the mouth after consumption of food. It is often not easy for a person to fall asleep when one is suffering from acid reflux.

Victims of Acid Reflux often go in for medication, which help in reducing and removing the heartburn completely. Acid reflux can be reduced by taking antacids which are available easily. These antacids make sure that they reflux contains no acid, so in a way, they help in reducing the heart burn. . The effects of the antacids are not permanent which is its major disadvantage. The acid comes back as soon as the effect is no longer there. So antacids are not effective as far as longevity of the cure is concerned. . A second type of cheap treatment is foaming. . In this treatment, the stomach is covered with foam so that no gas leak is there. The effect of foaming is maximum when it is used with any other type of treatment.

A third form of effective treatment of acid reflux that is quite popular is Proton Pump Inhibitors.. But these drugs are not over-the-counter medicines.. Their purchase requires a prescription. . These drugs stop the secretion of acid into the stomach, thereby healing the inflammation of the esophagus. . Aciphex, Prevacid and Nexium are the most common forms of Proton Pump Inhibitors.

Recently, an implant called the Enteryx entered the medical field, for patients who suffered from acid reflux but refused to go under the knife. The implant strengthens the esophageal splinter and prevents acid from entering it, thereby stopping inflammation of the Esophagus. The implant is inserted inside the body through an endoscopy. .

The above mentioned cure requires the intake of artificial substance which many people still do not want. . Mostly people still prefer medicine that is natural. . The natural medication has a lot of advantage over artificial medication. . For instance, no side effects are there in case of natural medication. But despite its pros, herbal remedies take a longer time to react and cure the acid reflux.. And gauging its effectiveness takes a pretty long time, 2 months approximately.

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